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Friday, September 4, 2009

Recipe: Wasabi Salmon

I made this on Wednesday night, since I remembered halfway through my run that I had forgotten to soak the cedar plank for the Brown Sugar Salmon that I had been planning to make. It only had to marinade 5 minutes, which was great, and it was very flavorful and awesome. I would definitely recommend it. I cooked it on the grill, because the grill is more better, and I served it with roasted red skinned potatoes and a tomato and cucumber salad.

I did not have any bottled ginger, but I used dried ground ginger instead. However, I burned myself as a result. How, do you ask, do I burn myself as a result of not having bottled ginger? Well, let me explain.

I preheated the grill after I finished preparing the foil packets for the potatoes. I thought I could preheat while I prepared the marinade for the salmon and got that going. However, I couldn't find the bottled ginger. I searched the whole fridge - I was certain that I had some. Surely, it's just hidden behind the ketchup? No. Ok, I can use dried ground ginger. Search through the spice cabinet for the dried ground ginger. Don't see any... Is it behind the Montreal Steak Seasoning? No. Hm. Dammit, I was sure I had bottled ginger. Open the fridge, search through there one more time. Nothing. Ok, fine. I went to the basement to the "spare spices," which is stuff that doesn't fit in the kitchen, and extras from before I was with Todd. Go through the spare spices. Here we are! Dried ground ginger, and it's not even expired, hooray! Take it upstairs, finish the marinade and get the salmon going.

At this point, the grill's been preheating with the heat up to high for a really long time. I take the potatoes outside and put them on the grill. It is six hundred degrees. I leave the lid open for a minute to get it to cool (and turned the heat way down, obviously) and then finally plopped the foil packets on the grill and they sizzle through the foil packet. Hm. Put the lid down. It's still over 500 degrees in the grill. Open the lid back up again to let more air out. Turned my hand funny and touched the grill lid with the knuckle on my right hand. Something like a third degree burn for just hitting for a second - I got a blister there immediately.

Stupid ginger.

Anyway, the salmon is good. Wasabi Salmon

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