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Monday, September 21, 2009

Restarting STS...

I first put off restarting STS (weight training system by Cathe Friedrich) after I got home from Little Cayman, and ended up deciding to start today. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen, as there was a death in the family (on Todd's side) and that will take up some time, along with a scuba course that we're starting this week. But, I think I can fit it in.

The thing is -- my time off from weight training meant that I regressed back to even worse than I was before I started STS, apparently. Disc 1 was SO much harder than I remember it being, and I couldn't finish a lot of the reps. Ouch, I am going to be so sore tomorrow.

I think how I'm going to work it is that I will do legs when I feel I can. I don't see it happening this week. I just ran a PR in a half marathon, and I have a 19 mile run next weekend. Maybe next week I'll do some lower body. I need to make sure I don't overtrain my lower body, and that I still let them recover after more challenging or longer runs.

Anyway, we will see how it goes.


Lacey Nicole said...

i rarely lift lower body while i'm running "seriously" (and distances). but i know some people do it.. i just don't know how they handle it!! what does sts stand for? what's it like?

Kim said...

It stands for Shock Training System, and it is very good! It's compared to P90X, although I've never done P90X, so I can't really compare myself. First, you have to find your 1 Rep Max for each exercise, then you print workout cards for each workout that you do - 3 months worth in all.

Here are all of my posts from when I was doing it the first time:

I'm with you, I'm not sure how exactly to fit legs in. Probably not this week, as I'm still sore from Sunday, but I might keep legs on a different schedule from upper body and just do them every couple weeks when I see fit.

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