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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stats as of 30 September 2009

September 2008
65 miles
14 hours, 50 minutes
Avg Pace: 13:42/mile
Baltimore Half Marathon 2008 (it was in October, but close enough): 2:57:52 (13:35/mi)

September 2009
88.6 miles -- 23.6 miles longer than in 2008
19 hours, 35 minutes -- 4:45 longer than in 2008
Avg Pace: 13:16/mile -- 26 seconds better than in 2008
Philadelphia Distance Run 2009: 2:37:12 (12:00/mile)

Total mileage for 2009 so far: 504.3 miles
Avg pace for 2009: 13:05/mile

In defense of my mileage for 2008, I was on vacation in Bonaire for the first week. However, my distance is definitely longer anyway, since I'm really ramping up my mileage in preparation for Disney. This past weekend, I did my 19 mile run, which is my longest for training since 2007. I felt good, and I'm really appreciating my time off from marathons and the hard work I've put into running since Disney 2008. This month, I also set a new PR for half marathons, and my time at Philly really kicked the butt of my Baltimore Half Marathon time in 2008.

I restarted the STS System last week, but work and other commitments have prevented me from moving into week two, so I will probably be repeating week one next week. I'm also working on lowering my weight before Disney, so that I can carry less pounds 26.2 miles. As of today, I'm down 4 pounds since my highest [recent] weight on 9/14. I would like to lose a total of 15 pounds before January.


Lyss said...

Awesome job increasing your pace!

Lacey Nicole said...

so cool to compare year to year!! cuz it is a long time but not THAT long. you have come a long way, tho!!!! that's the best part :)

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