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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stats as of 31 Aug 2009

August 2008
63.3 miles
14 hours, 49 minutes
Avg Pace: 14:03/mile
Annapolis Ten Mile Run 2008: 2:05:40 (12:34/mile)

August 2009
76.4 miles -- 13.1 miles longer than in 2008
16 hours, 37 minutes -- 1:48 longer than in 2008
Avg Pace: 13:03/mile -- 1 minute better than in 2008
Annapolis Ten Mile Run 2009: 2:01:47 (12:11/mile)

Total mileage for 2009 so far: 415.7 miles
Avg pace for 2009: 13:02/mile

As we are moving into September, my long runs are getting longer in preparation for Disney.  I am upping my weekday runs as well, and most likely restarting the STS system to gain strength and lose body fat and weight in order to become faster for my big marathon goal of under 6 hours in January 2010.  Next race is the Philadelphia Distance Run, which is a half marathon, on September 20.

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