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Monday, September 28, 2009

Stella, 1994 (?)-2009

I'm not really 100% sure what year she was born, exactly. Stella was adopted by my sister in about 1997. She would come to stay with my mom and I when my sister and brother-in-law were on vacation. Then, my brother-in-law turned out to be too allergic for Stella to stay with them, and she moved in with us in 1998.

She was declawed, but my mom would let her out anyway, and she loved being outdoors. She stayed in the back yard most of the time. When I was in college, I would get so irritated because she would run outside when I was trying to leave, and I would end up spending an hour trying to catch her and put her back inside. She could climb trees just like a cat with claws could. She loved lace-up shoes and would scratch on them with her paws if you put your foot out for her. The last time she clawed my shoes was for good luck before the Annapolis Ten Miler the end of August...

Stella wasn't a lap cat, but she would sometimes sleep next to my head in bed and stare at me while I was trying to sleep. That was actually highly disturbing. She was good with people, and when my mom would go on vacation, she'd stay with me or anyone else who my mom could con into taking her in. She hated riding in the car, but when she would get to her destination, she'd move right in and you'd never know she hadn't been living there her whole life. When she came to stay with me when I lived in Owings Mills, she took over, even though my cat, Miss Cleo, was living there. Cleo ended up staying in the master bedroom the whole two weeks that Stella stayed with us, and we had to move Cleo's food and litter upstairs while Stella took over and ruled the rest of the house. That's just the kind of cat Stella was.

Stella started getting sick in 2006. She had kidney disease, and was put on a special diet. Still, she recovered and was doing ok for quite a while. Earlier this year, things went bad quickly. She lost a lot of weight, and had to have a saline shot every other day. There were several close calls where we thought she was done for, but she persevered. Even though she'd been on her deathbed in the spring, this summer she successfully launched an attack against a salamander that had taken up residence behind the fridge. It was seen without a tail (the tail was later recovered from under the dining room table), and then a few days later was found dead.

Todd and I last saw Stella on Labor Day weekend, when we stopped by on our way home from Ocean City, She was doing well, and we sat and talked to her for a while.

This weekend, she hadn't been eating and my mom had told me that she thought things were about over. Tonight, she took Stella in to the vet and put her to sleep. Vic buried her in the back yard.

I'll miss seeing Stella when I visit my mom. She was a good cat, and she had a good life....

(going to hug The Bug)

1 comment:

Lacey Nicole said...

it's so sad when our pets get old... i miss my dog all the time.

lol i had a cat who stared at my on my bed,t oo,... she creeped me out! i was so scared of her. she was also NOT a lap cat. hahaha. that part in your post made me laugh , remembering my own childhood cat.


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