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Thursday, September 17, 2009

TIART: Running Partners

This week's Take It and Run Thursday is sponsored by Jillian, who asks "You get to run the last six miles of your next marathon with 6 different people. They can be dead or alive; famous or not famous. Who are these people and why did you pick them? Furthermore, why did you pick them for the specific mile you did? Remember, you get an extra .2miles with runner #6."

Oooo, I love this question. However, I've been thinking about it for days now and I've been having a lot of trouble coming up with people. So, I'll do my best...

Mile 20: Jeff Galloway, Former Olympian

Well, I figured as I come up on mile 20, I'm going to be needing some help. Some advice. If I'm feeling great, what should I do? Continue with the intervals I'm running, or do longer intervals. What if I feel bad? I might need some advice, and mile 20 is still early enough to recover from fatigue if I know how. So, who would be better to meet me at mile marker 20 than the inventor of my running program, Jeff Galloway?

Mile 21: Sue G, Running Friend

So, Jeff Galloway is a famous guy and all. I've met him a few times, but he's still relatively famous. But, I thought some more. Who else? Lance Armstrong? Ryan Hall? Kara Goucher? Let me be honest, those people are too fast for me. I want someone who plays the game at my level. Someone who knows what it's like to be at mile 21 at a 13 minute pace, and who understands the how and why of taking walk breaks. I don't need someone who makes me feel more slow. I look forward to running with my friend Sue whenever we run together. We know each other well and have great conversations that make the time go by quickly. We've been running together since 2006, so who better to get me through what is some of the toughest and most boring mileage of a race (especially if we're talking the Disney Marathon!). What a pleasure to share a mile with Sue.

Mile 22: Caryn, Running Friend

Next up, Caryn. We'll still be in a boring part of the race and if there's something Caryn is known for, it's talking enough about interesting things and keeping everyone's mind occupied when the miles start really dragging. I actually met Caryn even before Sue - we ran together for the first time 4 years ago this month.

Mile 23: Misty, Running Friend

I haven't known Misty as long, but we've gotten to know each other, too. She's the next person I would want to see because she's someone who is always going to be upbeat. Well, most of the time if she's not pooped herself :) If this was Disney, we'd be heading into Hollywood Studios... Very awesome. Of course, Misty will be running Disney herself this year! :)

Mile 24: Kristy, Running Friend

Kristy and I have probably run more miles together than anyone else. We started running together in 2006 and trained side by side for 2 years and 4 marathons. We ran together at Marine Corps 2006 and 2007. Of course I'd need Kristy there. Hey, Kristy's going to be at Disney this year, too!!!

Mile 25: Davida, Running Friend

This was tough, and Davida does fall into the category of "too fast for me," but she's also been where I've been and she sure knows how to inspire. By mile 25, I'm gonna be needing somebody there to help keep my mind in shape and get me through. Davida, I need you! (Hey, someone else who'll be at Disney!)

Mile 26(.2): Todd, Husband

Of course the end goes to Todd. Funny thing, though. Todd kicks my ass at the end of a race. I guess by mile 26, I'll be needing to push with all I have, and if there's someone who can give me a kick in the butt, it's my darling husband. Plus, I love crossing finish lines with him.

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Lacey Nicole said...

you have a lot of running friends!!!!!!!! you are definitely lucky :) we have similar endings... :) happy thursday!!!

Kim said...

LOL You have no idea! I had trouble choosing between them!

onelittletrigirl said...

Thanks for participating!!!

I am STILL completing my list (and I have been working on it for a month)!!

andygoose said...

Hopefully Jeff will be able to talk to us both at the same time :)

Lacey Nicole said...

p.s. i added you to my blogroll!!

Kim said...

Yay! I added you, too!

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