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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baltimore Running Festival 2009

This morning, I was spectating the Baltimore Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay. Todd was running the marathon, so we were down at the stadium area at 7am. We met folks from Todd's group (Chrissy, Dannielle, Beth) and I met up with fellow spectators (Holly, Kristy, Dianne, and various spouses). We saw the marathoners off at their start at 8am.

Kristy, Holly and I went on down towards the Inner Harbor and Dianne stayed to run the 5K. She met up with us later. I stood and waited while the full marathon folks passed by, and saw Dannielle, Beth & Todd just before their mile 9 marker. It had gotten a lot colder and started to rain, and after I saw my runners pass, I went across the street to where the half marathon start was in progress to find my group. I found fellow runners Rebekah, Steve, Sue and Pat in corral 3. Took some photos, wished them well, and they were off.

After the half started, there was a section of full marathon course right there where it doubles back after going down Key Highway. This was the half point of the marathon and I spotted Dannielle, Todd & Beth again. I had gotten separated from Holly and Kristy, but caught up with them and Dianne after Todd passed. He decided to give another spectating spot a try and headed back to the convention center to get on the light rail to head up to the Meyerhoff. We were at marathon mile 24, and had been there a while when Todd called and let me know that he was stopping running, that things weren't right and he didn't feel comfortable finishing (any further details are Todd's to share, if he wishes). So, I headed back to the finish to meet up with him.

It was great to be out spectating for the race, and even better not to be running the half this year (bleh).

Chrissy, Dannielle, Todd
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

Chrissy, Dannielle, Todd and guess what that other chick's name is.
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

I always love these guys:
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

Mile 9
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

Rebekah & Steve
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

Rebekah, Steve, Pat & her daughter
From Baltimore Marathon 2009

Holly, Kristy & Dianne (aka Knuckleheads on the bridge)
From Baltimore Marathon 2009


Lacey Nicole said...

great photos!!!! beer can runners?!?! hilarious! i don't know how people do that. i saw a hamburger costume at boston this past year (i was at a water station so i got to see all the hilarity).

Kim said...

The beer can guys are doing the relay, which is good for them because I couldn't imagine the full 26 in a beer can costume. They seem to do it every year. It's a 4 person relay, so they each run something like 8 miles or so.

I think for 8 miles I can wear almost anything (as we'll see when I get my costume together for the Tower of Terror 13K!)

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