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Thursday, October 1, 2009

TIART: Race Design

For this week's Take it and Run Thursday, Heather asks "If you had the knowledge, time and/or means by which to Organize a race - what would your "Race Info" include?
Would you choose an organization to donate to? What distance would you choose? Other questions to ponder - Location? Time? Race Expo attendees (guest speakers?)? Shirt design? Get as creative as you want....!"

If I was going to organize a race... hmmm.... That's a tough one. If I really knew what I was doing, and I really had the means to do so, I suppose I'd organize a race to raise money for shark conservation, since recently that's the charity that has been closest to my heart. So, I suppose it should be located in a beach location near an ocean, huh? Let's keep it simple and say my shark race is going to be held in Ocean City, MD. I mapped out a route. It will be a 6 mile race because that's the route I liked. Start in West Ocean City, go across the Route 50 bridge, down Coastal Highway, and then cross over to come down the entire length of the boardwalk, ending at the parking lot in the inlet. I think that would be a pretty interesting course. I could shorten it and make it a 5 mile run, too, but I don't want it to be a 5K because they're too short, and I don't want it to be too long either.

Since it's Ocean City, let's go off season and do it in either the spring - April or May, or the fall - September or October. I think we'll get the best running weather in the fall, but maybe more participants in the spring? Who knows. The race would start at 8am, but I'd have to do it for a year or two first and then maybe change the time if that makes it too hot. I know it's super-sunny on the course I selected, so maybe 8am is too late for a 5 mile run.

Race information will talk about the course and the course elevation - this is a great course, very flat! Our race hotel will be the Dunes Manor, because that's always held a special place in my family. And everything will be about sharks and saving sharks. Hopefully, some people will dress up like sharks for the race. There will be sharks on the shirt, and the shirt will be a singlet, because not enough races give out singlets. Maybe in later years we'll have an awesome jacket to give as the premium instead. I love races that give out awesome jackets.

The expo will be awesome! It will be at the OC Convention Center, and there will be speakers to talk about shark conservation and saving our oceans, as well as running speakers like Jeff Galloway, John Bingham and the like. I'm sure they'll all be lining up to speak at this race, because that is how awesome it will be. Lots of vendors, lots of things to look at and try. Probably a climbing wall. Gotta have one of those. And somewhere to buy cheap sunglasses - I love those guys. And The Stick.

At the end of the race, in the Inlet Parking lot, there will be lots of things to do. First off, free passes for race participants so that they can ride rides on the pier and at Trimper's. Gotta have that. Food will be provided by Fisher's popcorn, Thrasher's fries, and the Bayside Skillet (aka "The Crepe and Omlette Place"). Maybe Boog's as well, since that's what Todd likes. There will also be some bands, like Maryland natives Jah Works and the Fabulous Hubcaps (yes, the Hubcaps are kinda for old people, but my parents used to take me to see them, and I like them so shut up). Between bands, DJ Batman will play some music. It will be awesome. In fact, maybe I should move the race start time to like 4pm so that you can just hang out and have a big concert after, ride rides and eat awesome food. It's a thought.

So, ok, my race appears to be a big celebration of Ocean City and what everyone loves about Ocean City... And sharks. And running. You know, a race that has it all...


Lacey Nicole said...

WOW i love the details!!!

and YES to the singlet-- i have not even thought of this but i really really want one! i don't have one and have never known a race to give them out.great idea! and so cool about things to try-- rock wall.. and lol- the stick!!! hehehe.

ocean city, sounds like i need to visit :)

Laura said...

Flat course! Shoot I knew I forgot something. :)

trials of training said...

You got so creative with this!! Definitely the first person to suggest this type of charity to donate to - I love it! :) thanks for participating!

Flat course -- we can ALL agree with that ;)

Teamarcia said...

Sounds like a good time to me!

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