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Monday, October 19, 2009

What the Heck?!

Picture it: The forecast is rain. 40 degrees. "Feels like" temperature of 32 degrees. 10-14 mph winds. Sunday, they're calling for more of the same. I have my first over twenty mile training run since the fall of 2007. My last over twenty training run ended horribly (and with me only doing 14 miles).

I spent 5 hours on Saturday in pouring rain. It was cold, and the rain just came down and down and down. If it stopped, we didn't notice because the trees continued to drip. The trail was a mess - sloppy and muddy and in places full of leaves and puddles. How horrible. It must have ended terribly, since I am the same person that titled previous blog posts about long runs things like "A Lot of Pain" and talked a lot about runs being bad.

Not so! It wasn't bad at all.

That's right, 21 miles in the pouring rain and 40 degree weather was not that bad. What the heck?! I ended strong, feeling like it was possible to finish the whole 26 if I had to. I wouldn't have had a time that was under 6 hours, but it would have happened. I was just feeling like my legs were tired around mile 18 or 19. I could keep going though, and I felt good. How crazy!

I'm as shocked as you are.

I wasn't even that sore. I was sore, but not a whole lot. I found that wearing my compression socks to bed helped me Saturday night, and by Sunday I was doing fine. I should be in good shape to run my next short run tomorrow night (hopefully at Fleet Feet).

The bad part is that I still have 2 more 20+ runs to go - 23 miles on 11/14 and 26 miles on 12/12. There's no telling how these will go. I've been stretching the long runs out, giving me and my group plenty of recovery time and maximizing the amount of long runs that we did while we were still within the Galloway training period (May-October). My group is doing great in their prep for Disney and/or Rock & Roll Arizona.

Things are looking good, here's hoping it stays this way for the rest of the year.

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