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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Bug's Travel Bug Update

A while ago, I told you about The Bug's Travel Bug that I created for Geocaching. I ended up creating two identical ones. Here is an update of their progress (which I admit is slower than I would like).

Travel The Bug I
We placed The Bug's first travel bug in a geocache in Ocean City, Maryland Labor Day weekend. He was picked up mere minutes later, and was taken back to Pittsburgh, PA by a fellow geocacher. He hasn't moved since, but we're awaiting patiently is next move.

Travel The Bug II
The second of The Bug's travel bugs was placed in a cache in Charlotte's Quest Nature Center in Manchester, Maryland on October 4. No one else visited the cache for a long time, and then finally another cacher visited the cache on November 2, and left a note that The Bug was still there, safe and sound, but that he hadn't taken it. Then, at long last, another cacher picked up the Travel Bug on November 8 (this past Sunday) and took it home with him to New York state. He posted some photos of The Bug with his cats.

The Bug and Pepper:
The Bug and Lynx:

Too cool! I will keep you updated in The Bug's travel bugs as they continue their progress around the world...

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