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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that I am going to go to the store tonight and run. Well, I think I'm not now.

I felt great today, except for a cough, until right after lunch, when the fatigue set in and I started feeling so tired I could barely hold my head up. And then, my cough got worse.


I have gone over and over this in my head and I know the smart thing to do is to not run today and to start running again on Thursday, but I HATE THAT IDEA. I have already missed 2 runs - a 3-4 miler and a 6-7 miler. Missing tonight is another 3-4 miler. I'm missing 2 more of those when we go to Hawaii later this month. ARG!!!!!! It's killing me. I could miss more runs while we're in Hawaii, but now it sounds like I'm absolutely, 100% going to have to do everything I can to make up those runs sometime.

I so hope I'm back to running on Thursday. Doing my research on the subject on the internet, I found a guy who was out 15 days for the flu. FIFTEEN DAYS?! Yikes. Here's hoping I'm recovered before that.

Well, here's one positive thing...

1 comment:

Lacey Nicole said...

ooh i am exciting to read that link.

sorry you are sick! my mom really wants me to get flu shots (two! lol, one for regular and one for H1N1). not sure if i will. but i hope to stay healthy... 15 days with the flu-- that sounds awful.

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