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Monday, November 2, 2009

New on the Blogroll

Thought I'd introduce you to a few new blogs recently added on the left.
  • Significant Objects has actually been there a while now. They pick up items at yard sales, etc and write stories about them, and then sell them for way more than they're worth. I find this amazing and wish I'd thought of it.
  • There, I Fixed It is a collection of kluges for laughs.
  • Cute Overload was away for a while, but has returned!
  • Mouse Print discusses the fine print of ads and deals, trying to figure out what the "catch" is. It's a lot like Consumerist.
  • Southern Fried Scientist is devoted to shark research and conservation, as well as overall ocean conservation. They do a lot of reviews of documentaries, etc. and they're very anti-whale wars.
  • Wardrobe Oxygen is all about cleaning out your closet and getting rid of dated clothing - something I need a whole lot of help with.

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