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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stats as of 31 October 2009

October 2008
47.8 miles
10 hours, 49 minutes
Avg Pace: 13:35/mile
Tower of Terror 13K 2008: 1:46:22 (13:10/mi)

October 2009
69.4 miles -- 21.6 miles longer than in 2008
15 hours, 13 minutes -- 4:24 longer than in 2008
Avg Pace: 13:10/mile -- 15 seconds better than in 2008
Tower of Terror 13K 2009: 1:41:11 (12:32/mile)

Total mileage for 2009 so far: 573.7 miles
Avg pace for 2009: 13:05/mile

I was on quite a roll and then this last week with the flu has really stalled my progress for the year. I'm coming up on having some significant time off for a vacation, so I hate the idea that I am missing so much running. I'm hoping I can get some runs in this week. Thankfully, I still have almost 2 weeks to recover before my 23 mile training run.

This month, I saw a lot of success when I finished my 21 miler in great shape. I am optimistic about Disney, and I'm at this point looking at a target time of 5:49, if all continues to go well after I recover from this darn flu.

I haven't picked up STS again, I've had a lot of work stuff and personal stuff that have kept me too busy. At this point, I'm maybe looking at not starting again until January, but we'll see. As for weight loss, I'm doing ok. I lost 2 pounds in October, which isn't exactly blowing the scale away, but it's something. I haven't weighed myself since I got sick, but I doubt the flu took any extra weight off. It didn't take my appetite away at all, except on Wednesday.

So, here's hoping for a speedy recovery and some runs this week!

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