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Thursday, November 5, 2009

TIART: Nobel Prize for Running

This week's Take it and Run Thursday comes from Chelsea, who asks: "You’re on the selection Committee for the Nobel Prize for Running. Who would you nominate for the winner and why?
It could be an elite or a beginning runner....a courageous ordinary runner in your community who inspires you.... or the local running club leader, race director, or running store owner who gives tirelessly back to running. It could be the senior runner in your community who knows no age limitations. You decide. Who do you think deserves to be recognized for enriching and advancing the experience of running for others?"

This is an EASY ONE! On the left in the photo above (the guy on the right is my awesome hubby), meet Jack.

I'm not sure when Jack started running, or his history there, but he has done so much for beginning runners. He leads group after group, working with my Galloway training group at Fleet Feet Sports. He has led people who have never run before to run their very first 5K race. He's worked with others to run their first half marathon. He's currently coaching a group from the 5K group to run a 10K later this month. Everyone loves Jack, because he is understanding and encouraging.

He also works with Team In Training, leading folks out on the NCR trail to raise money for cancer.

In 2007, Jack's granddaughter, Mikala, passed away just a few weeks after he was born. Starting that year, Jack began devoting much of his training to running "Miracle Runs" in Mikala's honor. In 2007, he ran 26 miles in order to raise money for the John's Hopkins Children's Center. In 2008, he upped the ante to a 50K. In 2009, he ran 44 miles (72K) overnight one rainy, rainy night, in Mikala's honor. All by himself, over three years, he's raised $18,500.

Now, Jack is training for Disney. He is doing the Goofy Challenge at the Disney Marathon in January, but instead of "only" running the half marathon and the full marathon, he's adding in the 5K on Friday. He's raising money for Dundalk High School Track and Field team.

You see, Jack doesn't run for Jack. Jack runs for everyone else. And that is what makes him special.


Teri said...

What a great nominee. It's people like Jack who keep our local running communities going. Thanks for sharing!

Teamarcia said...

Great choice! What an inspiring guy!

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