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Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009: Fitness Year in Review


Looking back on this year, I was focused on one goal and one goal only: completing a marathon in under six hours. Will I do it? I'll find out on January 10. Along the way to achieving this goal, I've been doing a lot of running, and a lot of other things. Let's see how things went.

Goals for 2009:
Diet and Weight Loss - continue doing what I'm going. Track foods to get weight down, eat sensibly, and maintain. Do I want to lose more weight? Sure, but I'm also at a weight right now that is right for me and that I'm happy with, so this weight is fine for now.
I had gained some weight on my trip to Belize in November, 2008. This put me at about 5-7 pounds above what I'd like to be when I'm most comfortable with my weight. I spent most of 2009 trying to lose this weight, sometimes seriously, sometimes half heartedly, and I finally achieved it in September or October, only to gain it back when I went to Hawaii. Will I lose it again? Probably eventually, but at the current moment I'm just trying to keep everything in check in order to get through this marathon. Then, life will be happy again. I consider this a success, because I definitely haven't gained this year, maintained at best, and I've continued my success with eating sensibly.
Running - Complete the Disney Half Marathon in January. Plan to run a fall Half Marathon, then ramp up to the Disney Marathon (yes, the whole 26.2) in January 2010. I had thought about doing the Goofy Challenge, but I don't think I'm up for it this year.
Disney Half Marathon? Done. Fall Half Marathon? Philadelphia Distance Run... done! Ramping up to Disney Full? Done. This has been a great year of running for me. I've gotten faster, better, and I hope to put a big cherry on top at the Disney Marathon.

Workouts - Find a way to get cross-training in. Starting with post-Disney, start doing Cathe rotations combined with a very light running schedule for the off season. Get the tone back in the upper body.
I guess I failed to keep my running schedule "light" in the off season. Once I returned from the Disney Half, I kept up with it through the Frederick Half Marathon in May. I did sputter around with some Cathe rotations, finally settling in to buying the STS System in March. I did the entire 3-month STS Rotation, and felt great as a result. I wish I had kept up with it, though. This is kind of a half-success, since I did it, but didn't keep up with it.
Diving - I'd like to get another 60 dives in during 2009. We shall see, as travel has become very expensive.
I completed 62 dives in 2009, so I completed this goal. Hooray! I am currently at 195 dives total since I've been certified. I'd have liked to have made it to 200 in 2009, but it was not to be. I'm not even sure where I would have packed those extra 5 dives into my schedule.

Lessons from 2009
  • For whatever reason, losing weight has gotten really difficult for me. Is it turning 30? Is it being totally burned out after 11+ years of trying to maintain and/or lose? Whatever it is, things have gotten tough.
  • In order to run faster, you have to run faster. I had this as a lesson from 2008 as well, but it's always being driven home.
  • Running gets easier the more years you run. I've finally built enough of a base that 20+ miles isn't so bad anymore.
  • Sometimes, your feet will feel a lot better if someone just gives you a wider pair of shoes. So silly, and I should have known before now, but I have spent the last 3 years running in shoes that weren't wide enough. Blisters have improved dramatically.
  • When diving, be prepared for any conditions when you first jump in, no matter what the dive briefing says.
Successes for 2009
  • Continued running for another straight year!
  • Completed Cathe's STS 3-Month Rotation (March through June)
  • Jeff Galloway Training Program, including my second year as a group leader.
  • Two 5k Races - Shamrock 5k in March, Pikesville 5k in March. New 5k PR set in March at the Shamrock Race.
  • One 10k race - Race for Our Kids 10K in June
  • Annapolis 10 Mile Run - New 10 Miler PR at this race!
  • Three Half Marathons - Walt Disney World in January, Frederick in May, Philadelphia Distance Run in September -- New Half Marathon PR at Frederick, and then I beat that PR at the Philly Distance Run!
  • Stress and Rescue Certification for Scuba diving.
  • Master Diver Certification (Stress and Rescue plus 50 Dives, Plus Advanced Open Water)
  • Completed 62 scuba dives, for a total of 195 since becoming certified in 2006.
Goals for 2010
  • Diet and Weight Loss - Exact same as in 2009, keep maintaining, and lose some weight if possible, but don't stress about it.
  • Running - Complete the Disney Marathon in January in under 6 hours. If the weather or whatever doesn't cooperate, run the B&A Trail Marathon in March in under 6 hours. If that fails, sign up for the full marathon program and pick a fall marathon and run THAT in under 6 hours. Repeat until successful. After that, focus on half marathons again. Truly, I expect 2010 to be a relaxing year for running (once the marathon(s) is done). I plan to do my thing, and just run some great races.
  • Workouts - Start the STS System again in January, potentially on the 6-month rotation rather than the 3-month rotation. This should take me into summer and hopefully whip my butt into gear!
  • Diving - Complete Dive Control Specialist Certification and begin my work as a Dive Master and Assistant Instructor. Train some people! Complete 50 dives in 2010, bringing my total dives to 245.

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