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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Online Logging and the Havoc It Creates

There are things I want to log online. Those things are:
  1. My running. This includes entering and logging each and every run, including distance, time, routes, notes and shoes. I previously used Voomaxer, and then quit when I realized that they didn't have an export function that won't allow me to back up my data. I currently use LogYourRun, but found it to have some faults, too. I'll maybe go into this in a later post.
  2. My weight training. I want to log that I weight trained, and for how long. But, I also want to keep track of more specific things, like what weights I used, and what workout videos I did. I do this both on LogYourRun and on
  3. My food. I used to do this at FitDay, but switched to CalorieKing in 2005 because even though it cost money and FitDay does not, CalorieKing had a larger food database. Now, CalorieKing is only $19 per year for me because I've been a member for so long, so I see no reason to switch that.
  4. My weight. I just want a day to day list of weights, and I want to be able to see charts and graphs of the weight, preferably customizable, and preferably with some sort of averaging so that days where I just randomly gain 4 pounds and then lose it the next don't kill me. I used to do this on FitDay, and then on CalorieKing, I'm currently doing this on LogYourRun, just because it's an easy way to put my weight and my runs in at the same time. I have also been toying with, which shows more complex charts and graphs than the others. Physics Diet has a pretty easy entry system, too. I've been known to make excel spreadsheets and do all sorts of other things. I'm kind of psycho that way.

The problem? Holy crap, it's too much. Let's talk about an average day. I might wake up and weigh myself. I get to work, and then I log into LogYourRun and enter in a weight. If I want to do Physics Diet, I log in there and enter the weight there, too (note: any of these tools will track weight, so I can theoretically enter my weight all over the place).

Next, breakfast. Log into CalorieKing, enter in what I ate. I usually know what I'm going to eat later, so I will often go in and enter lunch, snacks and sometimes dinner right at the same time just so everything is square. This saves me time. I can enter my weight on CalorieKing if I want to.

Lunch comes, and then snack, and if I haven't logged into CalorieKing and entered that data, I should do that now.

Later, I might do a run. Then, after, I need to go into LogYourRun and enter time, distance, etc. Since this burned calories, the time of the run needs to be entered into CalorieKing, too, just so that I can see what I burned against what I ate. Then, with dinner or whatever, I'll need to put in my food there, too.

Now, let's say I do a weight training video. Well, I need to go onto, which keeps a calendar system of where I am in the STS Rotation, and mark the workout done. I can keep track of runs there, too, if I so choose. Oh, and weight. As I do an STS Video, I am writing down what weight I'm using on my workout card, and how many reps I did. I can enter this data into as well (last time, I did not, but I am going to try it in January when I start again). Then, I also want to enter the weight training into LogYourRun, just to have it in there, since LogYourRun will note it on Twitter. Just the duration there. I'll also need to enter the duration/calories on Calorie King, so that I can eat the right amount.

It is a little nuts. I've just created all of these habits over time. I don't know how to consolidate because none of the online sites meet all of my needs. Sigh. I guess I should write one, huh?

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