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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ornament Contest - Pick Your Favorite

My company is having an ornament decorating contest. Take a look (here or below), and in the comments vote for your favorites (choose as many as you like).


Mary said...

I like #9 and #12 best.

Kim said...

I agree!! Those are the best.

My company chose:

Winner: #17 (snowman in the forest)
Runner Up: #2 (santa in the snow)
Third Prize: #4 (no hair employee)

I am disappointed with these results.

Lacey Nicole said...

what a cool slideshow!!!!!!!!!! thanks for this!!!! i really liked all of them. the one that for some reason stood out to me was #2 and i also liked santa in the forest and santa around the world.


merry christmas eve!!!!

btw. saw your update to the left-- i loved taken!! :)

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