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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Recipes: Snow Day -- Monkey Bread and Beef Stew

With the snow today, I was looking to make something delicious, so I braved the grocery store last night and picked up ingredients for beef stew and monkey bread.

Monkey Bread

The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman, but it's really the same recipe that anyone else would have -- it's almost like the Pioneer Woman put out a recipe for Rice Krispy Treats or something... LOL

I used a regular sized bundt pan, and if you look at her photos on her site, she uses a much, much larger pan, like an angel food cake pan. That was, apparently, a mistake. The second mistake? I bought Grands biscuits. Apparently, you are only supposed to use 2 cans if you use Grands, because they're so big. So, I put it in for 35 minutes. When they had about 13 minutes left, I saw they were starting to overflow the pan. Arg! I let it happen, I figured the worst possible scenario was a fire (since butter and sugar were dripping down to the bottom of the oven). I was once present for an interesting and similar oven fire at my Grandmother's house at either Christmas or Thanksgiving (don't remember which), so I thought I'd let it go.

I ended up taking the pan out after 30 minutes so that it wouldn't overflow anymore. It smelled and looked good, although maybe somewhat underdone. No worries, I figured it was fine. I let it sit for 10 minutes and then turned it over on a plate. It glopped. It's not supposed to glop. I had a mess of uncooked, butter and sugar coated biscuit dough on a plate. Like, not cooked at all.


I took a spoon and spooned the most uncooked sections back into the bundt pan, and put them back in the oven. I left them in... hm. I don't now how long, but I smelled smoke. It wasn't the pan itself, it was the crap that had dripped into the bottom of the oven. It wasn't on fire, but it was smoking and when I opened the oven -- the whole kitchen was filled with smoke. This alarmed my darling husband, who I think was ready to dive for the fire extinguisher. We opened a window and then the sliding door, letting in some snow in the process.

The cake was fine, but now, since it had been turned out and then turned back in, it was sticking to the pan and wouldn't come out. Finally, I just took a big spoon and spooned what I could get out on to a plate.

Mine looks just like The Pioneer Woman's, except it's just in a big pile. Like Monkey Droppings, not Monkey Bread.

Sigh. Pioneer Woman I am not. It is delicious, though.

The Pioneer Woman's Monkey Bread:

MY Monkey Bread. Close enough.

Beef Stew

I made Crockpot365's Beef Stew today as well. Not much to say about it, except it was delcious and easy. I used celery, carrots, onion and red skinned potatoes.

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