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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Posts for 2009

Here is a list of the top posts on my blog for 2009. These are in order from most popular to least!
  1. The Presidential Fitness Test (February 2009)
  2. Biggest Loser Marathon LIE (March 2009)
  3. Our Wedding: July 2, 2009 (July 2009)
  4. The Trip to the Bank (May 2009)
  5. Recipe: Tomato Mozzarella Pie (July 2009)
  6. Cathe STS System Week 1 in Review (March 2009)
  7. 2009 Walt Disney World Half Marathon (January 2009)
  8. Recipe: Cedar Plank Brown Sugar Salmon (July 2009)
  9. Sea Things #9: Greenland Shark (August 2009)
  10. Ideas for Potluck Lunches (August 2009)
Some posts that were in the top 20 or so of my blog that were not posted in 2009. These are older posts, but obviously still hugely popular!:


Lacey Nicole said...

great idea! i love going back and re-reading favorites. i am going to do this, too :)

Kim said...

These were actually based on Google Analytics, so this is what other people liked ! :)

I do have a "Kim's Favorite Posts" tag for my own favs though :)

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