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Friday, January 15, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Lacey tagged me to post ten things that make me happy. So, here we go...

  1. Todd. Sure, we have some disagreements here or there, but in general, he's made me happier than anyone else ever has. More than anything, I love coming home and sitting and chatting on the sofa, losing track of time and suddenly it's very late and we didn't even realize it.
  2. The Bug. It's best when he's being good, but I do love my warm, furry brick.
  3. Running. I tried to think of what exactly about running makes me happy, and I had a hard time choosing. Sometimes, I love to race, sometimes I love meeting up with friends to do an easy social run. Sometimes, I like to run alone and answer to no one but myself. It all depends.
  4. Cooking. I love making a good, healthy meal. And occasionally, I like to make unhealthy ones.
  5. Writing. I like blabbing about nothing to the world, which is exactly what I'm doing right now.
  6. Scuba Diving. There is nothing like exploring another part of the world that most people never get to see. I especially love interacting with interesting animals.
  7. Family. Most of the time, my family makes me happy. I mean, it's a good thing that when I leave them, I'm sad.
  8. A clean house. Even though it rarely happens, this one makes me happy when it does.
  9. Sunrises. Sunsets are so common. One thing that's happened since I started running and scuba diving is that I'm awake a lot more regularly to see a sunrise. I love being up to see the start of a new day. Of course, they're better when surrounded by palm trees.
  10. Reading. I don't do it often enough anymore, but I love sitting down with a good book. Someone needs to come up with Netflix for books (they probably have and I just haven't seen it yet).
Who should I tag?
  • Sandra at Strongchemistry (maybe we can force a blog post here, not that I mind that her post that has been out there for months showcases my lovely wedding)
  • Jen at Journey to 26.2 (Still waiting for a post on the Disney Marathon, Jen)
  • Micki at Martinis, Cupcakes & Workouts
  • The Wacky Neighbor
  • Jeanne at Too Blog-Challenged
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