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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disney Marathon Splits

I don't think anyone will care but me, but here are my splits. Take note that there were a couple places where I missed a mile marker, or hit my button at the wrong time, and so I had to extrapolate those splits based on what I knew happened there and what was going on. For the most part, these are accurate. I added an extra column to compare with what I wanted to do ideally, in order to make 5:49. The last column is the even splits for doing a 5:49, and no, I did NOT have a split sheet with me during the race. The similarities between my target time and my actual time are just coincidence... or maybe me just making my goal.

MileSplit TimeTotal TimeTarget Split TimeNotes
Mile 112:5212:5213:19
Started fast
Mile 213:4526:3726:37
Slowed down
Mile 313:4540:2239:56
Narrow course - had to keep it slow
Mile 413:1553:3753:15
Course opened up
Mile 513:091:06:461:06:33
Highway, easier to keep up a pace
Mile 613:061:19:521:19:52
Some downhill on an overpass. (forgot to hit button on watch)
Mile 713:061:32:581:33:11
More highway. Feeling good.
Mile 813:211:46:191:46:29
Highway past racetrack.
Mile 913:151:59:341:59:48
Through Ticket & Transportation Center
Mile 1013:212:12:552:13:07
Slight hill near Contemporary
Mile 1113:222:26:172:26:25
Through the Magic Kingdom
Mile 1213:402:39:572:39:44
Very narrow part of the course
Mile 1313:022:52:592:53:03
Excited to get to run with Todd
Mile 1413:223:06:213:06:21
First full mile with Todd
Mile 1513:243:19:453:19:40
Boring mileage behind Animal Kingdom
Mile 1613:413:33:263:32:59
Almost into Animal Kingdom, getting tired.
Mile 1712:523:46:183:46:17
In Animal Kingdom.
Mile 1813:163:59:343:59:36
Animal Kingdom Parking Lot
Mile 1913:124:12:464:12:54
Boring Highway miles
Mile 2014:184:27:404:26:13
Potty break
Mile 2113:104:40:144:39:32
Out & back, feeling better after potty
Mile 2213:314:53:454:52:50
Almost to Hollywood Studios
Mile 2313:295:07:145:06:09
Hollywood Studios
Mile 2413:515:21:505:19:28
Around the hotels
Mile 2514:295:35:345:32:46
Heading into Epcot, very tired
Mile 26.216:595:52:335:49:00
Last mile, very tired, finished!

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