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Monday, January 4, 2010

Gardening from 2009

So, back in May, I talked about the gardening that I'd done and what I had planted around the yard. I continued to work in the yard all summer, and even took pictures with the intent to blog (rest assured, these photos are mine, not Todd's, and that is why they suck). I didn't blog about them until now, and I figured I'd just drop it and not blog about it, but I was encouraged by somebody to go ahead and show it. So, here are some notes and an update on some of my projects from over the summer.

Oh, these poor Petunias. They were doing so well during May and June when we were getting tons and tons of rain. They weren't connected to the drip irrigation that the rest of the containers were, so they started having a rough time when the rain stopped. When we went to the Caymans for our wedding, I moved them so that they were under the deck below some of the other containers that were getting the drip irrigation. The water dripped down to them and the Petunias actually came back to life while we were away. Alas, when they moved back to the front again, they died. The Boxwoods, though, which were purchased to be evergreen and hardy, are still alive now and doing well.

These are Grape Lirope, and they were planted before Todd bought the house in 2005. As far as we know, they've never been divided, so the goal is to divide them in the coming spring. We will see how that goes. As I found out with the Irises that I divided in the fall (you will find out about those in a second), dividing things is harder than I though. Also, note our awesome crab sculpture!

These are Irises... They were also planted before Todd moved in and had never been divided. I hated these Irises. If you can see in the background, the hose is back there, and to water the non-irrigated boxwoods/Petunias, I had to drag the hose over/through the Irises (one of the reasons I didn't water the Petunias and they died). The Irises had gotten so choked and overgrown that they would only bloom a tiny bit each year. I ripped them out and attempted to divide them and just plant a few. I did it in early September, and frankly I think I killed them all. We will know in the spring. I won't be shedding tear for them if they're dead. Maybe I will plant something else in their place, maybe I won't.

The Zinnias around the tree. This is partway through the summer, where the Chrysanthemums are coming up nicely, but the Zinnias didn't fair so well. First, I had trouble with slugs, which almost wiped them out right there, then they just wouldn't grow. At all. Then, they got a fungus and they just died a sad death. It was a disappointment, but I refused to replace them before trying desperately for many weeks to revive them and bring them back to their former glory.

Much happier, later, I replaced the Zinnias with Pansies for the fall/winter. The Mums bloomed and looked awesome, definitely a good look for fall. Once they were blooming and the Zinnias were replaced, I looked at this proudly whenever I drove up to the house. Major success.

We took some trees out on the side of the house, and planted some grasses and Lantana. This all looked great, although I was sad to see that the Purple Fountain Grass is actually an annual in this area. I just might be picking some up anyway next year. The Lantana was beatiful, but grew out of control, even invading the Lilac bushes that I'd planted next to it. I plan to try to get the Lantana to grow in some containers this year, I think it will be pretty. I love the Lantana - it reminds me of Fruity Pebbles.

This plant is a Sedum. I think they're ugly. They were planted before Todd moved in, and in my opinion, they look like weeds. They finally get somewhat pretty toward the end of the season, but in the meantime appear to be weeds all summer long. I'm pulled a bunch of them out and planted some spring bulbs instead. I left some, and I'm going to try to make them attractive by planting Black Eyed Susans and Daisies or something around them, rather than just having this smattering that doesn't make sense at all.

My butterfly garden that I planted in the spring. It looks totally unimpressive with my horrifying excuse for photography, but was actually really awesome and turned out beautifully. It bloomed most of the summer, and did attract not only butterflies, but also hummingbirds and bees.

The Sedums, later in the year, looking slightly more attractive.

I planted many bulbs - daffodils and hyacinths. I am hoping that they'll bloom perfectly, but who knows. I hate that waiting for bulbs. I was thinking of trying to grow some plants from seed this year, but something about that intimidates me. Maybe just herbs. We shall see....

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