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Monday, January 4, 2010

Is It COLD Down There in Florida?

Yes, it is! That cold is the result of 2 years of me praying that it will be unseasonably cold this weekend in Orlando. So far, it looks like I'm going to get my wish! The temperature at start time should be below 40 degrees on Sunday, and the high, as of right now, is only expected to be 52 degrees. PERFECT! Or, actually even a little bit cooler than I would like. Better cold than hot! After all, I've gotten used to running in the bitter cold these past several weeks.

So, with less than a week left before Sunday's Disney Marathon, I'm feeling good. If I can keep from getting sick, and get plenty of rest, and keep hydrated, etc, I think I have a good chance of meeting my goal of 5:59. I do have a more ambitious goal of 5:49, but that is kind of just a pipe dream. Please note that my PR at Disney is 6:24 and my PR at any marathon is 6:23, so even getting a 6:22 will be a Personal Record for me. That being said, if I'd kept up my pace I was keeping during my last two 23 milers on December 12 and November 14 (I was at about the same pace both days) and finished 26.2, I would have had a time of 6:14. Things are looking good.

If you want to do runner tracking and keep track of me while I run the race, go here and enter in an email or telephone number for text messages. Just remember - the race starts at 6:00am on Sunday, so if you sign up to get all updates, you will start getting messages pretty early. I don't want to be blamed for waking you up!

I will try to Twitter and/or Facebook (maybe even during the race), but I make no guarantees.

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