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Friday, January 22, 2010

Running & Fitness Notes for January 22

So, according to my weight loss chart (courtesy of, I'm doing well. This is so far this year (minus new years and the weekend following new years). After the marathon on January 10, I started with some dramatic losses last week, but then gained when I started weight training on January 18.

Woa, there! A loss on this little chart. Still, according to many, I'm still a slow loser, 1.3 pounds in a month isn't good enough by Biggest Loser standards or even Weight Watchers standards, but I'm in no rush. I tend to lose between half a pound and a pound per week, which is fine for me. With no end goal and no goal weight, it doesn't really matter. I am just kinda sorta using work outs as my goal, and whatever weight loss or fat loss happens in the meantime, I will stick with. I want to get my workouts in and see what changes happen. That being said, if I were to lose 15-20 pounds, I would stop losing because that would be enough.
So, this week, I started my intense winter weight training, where running is the "extra" thing I do, rather than being the focus. I started Cathe's STS 6 1/2 month program on Monday. For more info on the STS system, see my review, and here is more info on Week 1. The difference between this time (the 6 1/2 month program) and last time (the 3 1/2 month program) is that I do week one twice - this week and next week - in order to extend the length of time I'm doing the program. This is nice because I haven't been doing weights at all, and therefore could use a little time to catch back up to where I started with the 3 1/2 month program last year. I admit, I took it a little easy on the upper body this week so that I wouldn't have the horrible soreness that I had when I attempted to do STS in the fall. I mean, I couldn't move for days last time. Since I have to take a swim test for our DiveCon training tomorrow, I didn't want to be too bad off (not to mention that I'm expected to haul around scuba tanks, etc).
So, Monday was Chest, Shoulders & Biceps. That went well, and I was pretty sore the next day. Tuesday, I did my first STS Shock Cardio workout, Hiit 30/30. I'll post a full review of the Hiit DVD once I've done all the workouts, but I can say it was killer. You would think that only a 30 minute workout with only 30 seconds of exercise at a time would be easy. It was not. I was breathing heavy and totally anaerobic on this one. I've heard 40/20 is harder, so I'm actually going to hold off on trying that until I've done some more Shock Cardio and gotten myself in better shape. Tuesday, I also did a segment of Core Max, trying to keep up with my goal of doing core work as well. Then, Tuesday night, I went to the running store and ran 3.5 miles, although slow. It was a double workout day, which meant I got to eat more, which is always good :)
Wednesday was Back & Triceps, which was challenging because I was still sore from Monday. I hope next week I can put more into it. It seems that the billion push ups that Cathe had me do in Disc 1 really worked my triceps, too. Yesterday, I started the morning with some easy stuff - another segment of Core Max for abs, and then a segment of Stretch Max to hopefully work some of the soreness out. Back to the running store last night for another 3.6 miles, at a faster pace than Tuesday.
This morning was legs, which seemed less challenging than the last time I did STS, but still a killer. I also tacked on the abs and stretch section of Cathe's Cardio & Weights, which fulfilled my goal of 3 ab workouts per week. This weekend, I have a long run (6 miles), and then I get to do it all over next week.
I'm proud that I managed to get up early the entire week. It's not as easy as it sounds, but I think the way I feel for the rest of the day is a good reward for the early start. Hopefully, I can keep up this momentum, because in total, it was over 6 hours of working out in 5 days, and that doesn't include my long run. That's a lot, and it's why I need to get up early.
Body Fat Measuring. So, I finally broke down and bought Body Fat Calipers. They arrived last night, and I decided to measure my body fat percentage. The result? 22.7%, which puts me well into the "healthy" range. Strange. I mean, I was sure I was fatter than that. I am in disbelief over this result, have decided that it MUST BE WRONG, and I'm going to get Todd to take the measurement tonight to see if he comes up with something different. We'll see.
Running. As for running, there's nothing new to report. I am in the early stages of training for my next half marathon, but really I'm just kind of running without a goal right now. This weekend is 6 miles and my biggest goal, to be honest, is to keep my running group motivated until May. Many just completed marathons, so I don't want them to drop out. Some just want to run here and there like me, some want to do a spring half marathon, some want to get back in shape after being somewhat lazy, some want to get faster. Whatever you want, guys, just come out to the trail!

More to come.

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