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Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, What's Next?

Running wise, anyway...

So, I completed my marathon. I made my goal, which means that I don't have to try again at the B&A Trail Marathon. I am now officially in my off season! Hooray!!

As far as races go, my next major race is the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon in April. I am pretty excited about that one, as I think it will be a fun race. I'm also signed up to attend the Pasta Party, which features Christopher McDougall, who wrote Born to Run. I missed him when he came to Charm City Run back in the summer (I had a horrible release at work), so I am glad to get to see him this time. Now, I just need to buy the book and read it before then.

Prior to that race, I am going to be doing my "typical" pre-half marathon schedule, and I'm going to add in some speed work (800 meter repeats). I did them in the winter of 2007-2008 and they worked for me, so we will see how it goes this time. I do have another race I'm signed up for, the Shamrock 5K in March. It will be my fourth straight year running that one, and I am hoping some of my running peeps will be there, too.

Besides running, I'm starting Cathe's STS training again on Monday. This time, I've committed to doing the 6 month training program, which will pull me in through July. It's going to require getting up early, so we'll see how that goes. Plus, the first 8 weeks will have me doing lower body weights on Fridays - meaning I'll be sore and tired for my Saturday morning runs. Should I switch to Sundays? Maybe, but we'll see how the first couple of weeks go before I make that decision. Keep your eye on the "STS Progress" bar at the bottom of my blog to see where I am in the program. I am excited, and hope to see better results than last time. Not that my results were bad, but I wasn't as focused on food as I should have been when I did it last year, and I am doing a program that is twice as long this time. I am hoping that I will see a more dramatic change in strength and body composition this time around.

A couple of weeks ago, I received my shipment of Cathe's newest series, STS Shock Cardio. I am excited about them because they are so much shorter than traditional Cathe workouts, and seem to be different than other workouts have been in the past. However, between STS Strength training and running, I don't know how to fit them into my schedule. I think the plan for now will be to try to add one video a week in, on Tuesday mornings (with a group run on Tuesday night). It's super-ambitious, so we'll see if it works. If I can stick to it, it would hopefully mean dramatic weight loss, and some nice cross training.

Another focus that I have is abs/core. This is such a pain for me, and I have so much trouble sticking with it. I'm trying to commit myself this time, if for no other reason than when I was doing abs regularly in 2005/2006, I had better posture.

Goals? Well, I really want to see what happens. I don't have a specific weight loss goal or body measurement goal. In fact, I specifically opted out of our work Biggest Loser contest, which started Friday. Mainly, I just want to stick to the running and weight schedule and see what happens.

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