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Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 Year Anniversary

I looked back through my old blog posts, and discovered that today, February 11, is the fifth anniversary of my very first run. If you have access to my private blog, you can see my original post on the subject here, with an introduction to the original Cathe rotation that started it all here. On the subject of the video rotation, I wrote:
This one also includes some scary running - and I have always had a motto of "I don't run." Life is about trying new things, so I'm going to try the running, I think I will just have to buy something to cover my head - maybe a hood and earmuffs.

And on the run itself:
Last night, I was able to find a treadmill to run on, which saved me the issue of it being cold and annoying to be outside. The running wasn't too bad, of course, I was really only doing about 2 minutes of actual running based on what Cathe said I should do, but I was walking really fast when I wasn't running.
Too funny.

Thing is, it seems like ages ago. I went to this gym type of place, and I was so embarrassed because other people were working out around me. I wore sweat pants and a t-shirt (egads!). I ran very little, but I was happy that I gave it a shot. Anyway, it must not have been horrible, because I decided to register for a 5K only about a month later.

And since then? Let's just recap.
  • Fourteen 5K Races
  • Four 10K Races
  • One 5 Mile Race
  • Two 13K Races
  • Three 10 Mile Races
  • Four Half Marathons
  • Five Marathons
How far I've come. If I'd told that person from 5 years ago that I would eventually run not one, not two, but five marathons, what would she have said? Would she have been surprised at what she is today? Who knows.

Anyway, happy anniversary to me.


Lacey said...

5 years! happy anniversary!!!!!

(and thanks for the vit d info-- very interesting)

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary Kim! I guess this is kinda late though since I saw you yesterday :) Unfortunately I couldn't read the real post...

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