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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hamilton Beach Change-a-Bowl: Keep or Take it Back?

I was grinding some chicken recently for a recipe, and since I don't have a food processor, I was doing it in the blender. That's because the blender is my go-to appliance to substitute for my non-existent food processor. It works fine for many things, but not for chicken, apparently. The chicken got all caught around the blades of the blender. Not good.

So, later I was looking for a food processor in the Weis Market because it was the only place I was going that day. This was a few weeks ago. They didn't have a food processor, but they had this Hamilton Beach Change-a-Bowl thingy. It was $39.99, marked down to $19.99. I thought about it, but it really doesn't solve the chicken-grinding problem, and is not a substitution for a food processor. So, I thought about getting it for its slicing and shredding properties. I ended up passing, feeling like I didn't want to spend $20 on that.

So, tonight I was back in the Weis Market (today's horrible music selection was "I Just Called To Say I Love You"), and I saw the Change-a-Bowl again. Today, it was marked down to only $9.99. So, I bought it.

Was this a good choice? I mean, it isn't a food processor, although it will do some things that a food processor will do. I could see myself making awesome things like broccoli slaw for my favorite Asian Beef & Noodles meal, or shredding cheese or chopping things. That's cool and all. On the other hand, it's another appliance to store in the house. On still another hand, it was only ten bucks.

What I do like about it is that it uses Gladware bowls, so you can purchase additional bowls for it at very low cost, and store the cheese, lettuce or whatever in the bowls.

Return it, or keep it? Opinions, please.


Mary said...

Is it smaller than a food processor and can you keep it a relatively easy to access location?

For only $10, I think it's worth it even if you only use it during times that you don't really feel like dragging out the food processor IF you have room for it. I use my food processor fairly regularly but there are definitely times I leave it in the cabinet because I just don't want to fool with it. I don't have space for another appliance though either.

Kim said...

It's a TINY bit smaller than a full-sized food processor, but it has about the same footprint. It's definitely lighter. I've never actually owned a food processor before, I have always just worked around my lack of one.

We have shelves in the basement that store our lesser-used small appliances, as well as our spice-overflow. So, we do have room, I suppose. We even have room if we add a food processor, too. I could probably ditch the giant steamer that we never use.

Lacey said...

tough call. it was marked down so much it is probably worth it to hang on to if you will use it every so often. i wish i had a food processor, juicer, magic bullet... they are all soooooooooo expensive!!!! booo.

Kim said...

No kidding, Lacey. I started shopping for food processors a while back (which is how this little appliance caught my eye in the first place). But then, I realized that I'd want a good one, not a cheap one, and I'd be spending $100+ on it. And I've survived without one for 31 years, right?

I want to be able to grind meat, but I was thinking about getting the meat grinder attachment for my kitchenaid mixer instead of a food processor. Then, I can continue limping along with my new slicer/shredder, plus the blender, and the meat grinder. Then, I've got things that do most of what a food processor does anyway.

I need to get together with a group of ladies that share small appliances. That makes the most sense.

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