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Monday, February 1, 2010

It is LOSE!!! LOSE! This is not HARD!

A while back, The Oatmeal published this list of Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. Right at the top, my biggest pet peeve: Lose vs. Loose.

This irritates me to no end, and I guess I see this one so much more because I have hung out in the past on weight loss and fitness message boards so much. It is lose! I have weight to lose! Not, loose. My pants are loose, but I still have a lot of weight left to lose. Get it? It's not that hard. Please stop misspelling this.

I've got all of them down on the list except effect/affect, which I have a tough time with. My ex-hubby used to get really annoyed with they're/their/there and you're/your. I can deal with both if you'll just start spelling lose correctly.

1 comment:

Lacey said...

i agree. and i am laughing. hehehe.

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