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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Maybe I don't eat enough

I was doing well with knocking some pounds off and then my weight loss stalled. Everything came to a crashing halt, and I've been hovering right around the same weight for a couple of weeks now. It could be that I'm adding muscle, but I doubt it. I was trying to figure out what to do, and then I looked at this handy-dandy little chart in CalorieKing. It shows my caloric goal for each day - 1507 calories. I'm supposed to eat 1507 calories, net. Meaning, I need to eat at least 1507 calories, and then also eat whatever calories that I burn from working out. This chart displays the net calories - so, the total amount that I ate, minus the calories that I burned.
Notice how the vast majority of the bars are well below 1507? That might be my problem.
Granted, some of the really far down bars are because I burned far more calories than I could ever eat in a day. A couple of the others are because I didn't log my food at all that day (but I think I've only missed 5 or 6 days since the beginning of the year - 2/21 being one of them - note the big bar there).
Ok, so goal for the next 2 weeks - eat my calories for the day. I already started planning this by bringing a variety of snacks to work for today. I have some nuts, grapes, sunflower seed butter, yogurt, dried mango...
I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
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I wish I didn't eat enough! I've heard that not eating enough can be just as bad as eating too much. I hope you find your balance.

Lacey said...

wow you are super on track with your chart!!!! i also wish i had your problem :)

andygoose said...

Same problem here. The only way I ever find balance is with a very structured lifestyle and lots of planning. Boooooring!

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