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Friday, February 19, 2010

Ms. Fat Nutritionist, I Salute You.

Holy smokes! The past few days have just been chock full of stuff to blog about, and I have many, many topics in the hopper.

On reading up on some articles about Subway Jared, I came across an awesome chicky who calls herself The Fat Nutritionist. I read her article, Eat Food. Stuff You Like. As Much as You Want. and I have decided that I want to have a mad love affair with this woman. She summed up so much of what I feel and what I've been trying to say over and over about eating normally. She says:
We want to be healthy.

We want to eat food that’s good for us.

Those desires, being tied to the ultimate desire — to survive — are pretty damn strong.

But you know what we want more than either of these? To be free. To not be told what to do. To not be bossed around as though we are perennially six years old. To not be manipulated, coerced, or condescended to.
I love this. And this is the essence of what I was trying to get at when I when I attacked Dave the trainer several weeks ago. His point - that you probably should avoid not only McDonald's, but fast food in general, if you're trying to lose weight, is not a bad one. It's the way he said it, "I really have no tolerance for this." For a trainer - someone who has clients who are looking to him out of respect and valuing his opinion - to put his foot down on anything as a definite NO and to be so unwilling to accept mistakes... it just so rubbed me the wrong way.

So, I'm so happy to see Michelle (the Fat Nutritionist) coming out with these bold statements that are so inline with my way of thinking. Yes, I'm restricting calories right now because I'd like to lose some weight. But, I'm making that choice. I'm not a bad person if I choose not to. And I'm NOT a bad person if I don't jump in 100%, if I still eat sugar, if I still have dessert occasionally, if I still eat out with my friends, or enjoy a glass of wine or three. These things don't make me less healthy. They don't make me less of an athlete, and they don't make me evil. Otherwise, I could not stick with these changes forever. Trust me, I've tried.
Exercising to lose weight makes fitness not as fun or useful.

Eating to lose weight makes nutrition not as fun or useful.

And, when things are not fun (meaning, intrinsically rewarding), it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will stop doing them, rendering your time “on the wagon” pretty much a loss. Because you’ll lose whatever long-term, intrinsic benefits might have come from doing those things voluntarily.
Yes! Find something you like. Find food you like. The rest will come. Let's work on it. I encourage you to check out Michelle's blog, I will be adding it to the blog roll.

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