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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pondering My Current Rotation

So, I'm in week 3 of my current exercise rotation. Each week is looking something like this:

Monday: STS Chest, Shoulders & Biceps
Tuesday Morning: STS Shock Cardio Selection (30-50 minutes) & Core Video (30 minutes)
Tuesday Evening: 3-4 mile run
Wednesday: STS Back & Triceps
Thursday Morning: Stretch / Yoga Video (30-40 minutes) & Core Video (30 minutes)
Thursday Evening: 3-4 mile run
Friday: STS Legs
Saturday: Long run, 5+ miles
Sunday: Off

More or less, that is what I have been doing, except for last week, when I had scuba diving Tuesday evening, so I ran in the morning, and today, when I have scuba diving tonight (and I ran this morning). Those days, I've done the core video, but skipped the Cardio or Yoga option.

Thus far, it's going fine, and I'm totally doing well with the whole getting up early 6 days a week (Saturdays have been my "late" day - 6:45am). I have a concern about the Tuesday morning workout. I mean, what I'm doing is a 30_ minute intense cardio workout, followed with a core workout, and then in the evenings I'm doing my normal short run. The cardio is like "bonus." It's supposed to be fun and burn some extra calories. It gives me a chance to do something other than running, too.

Thing is, though, I am not really enjoying it. And I feel bad because what I'm doing is Cathe's new Shock Cardio Series. I only received it in December, and only two of my DVDs are even out of the shrink wrap. It's not Cathe's fault, the workouts are killer and hard and if I was purely looking to get a workout, they'd be great. However, I have found that I'm just not interested in killing myself and working that hard for my "bonus" workout. I would rather work hard and burn the calories in my runs, and I worry that I'm going to burn myself out and not feel like running. If my schedule were different, I wouldn't mind doing the runs in the morning and the bonus in the evening. In that case, I could put whatever energy I had left into the bonus workout. But, I run with a group, and that is evening-only.

So, I'm contemplating ditching them for the time being. I feel bad because I feel like I wasted my money (although I can probably sell them for close to what I paid for them). I feel bad because I love Cathe, and I want to do her workouts, I'm just not in the mood right now.

What would I do instead? I was thinking about going all yoga. Getting a few more yoga DVDs, and doing them in the mornings that I run. Then, I could enjoy all the good benefits of yoga that I've heard so much about. Plus, I've really been on the ball with the abs and stretching and stuff thus far.

We'll see. That's just more money to spend, so I don't know. At this moment, I only have 2 yoga DVDs that I really like. I have my eye on the Bob Harper one, though.

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