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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dive Control Specialist Training

Since about December, Todd and I have been working towards our Dive Control Specialist Certification. I've mentioned it now and again. Last night, we finished our final classroom session for the class. I am breathing a sigh of relief, and yet there is still so much more to do.

I have to admit, this particular program is and has been as much work as some college classes. We've had four three hour classroom sessions and one three hour pool session so far. I think we have at least two or three more pool sessions, plus a couple of days of open water training. Then, we have to observe an Open Water Diver Course (Todd is currently in the midst of his, mine isn't until May). That's kind of like student teaching, where we come in and are present for the course (12-18 hours) and the open water certification dives (2 days). Beyond that, we have to watch pretty much the entire SSI training video collection. We've really gotten to know the stars of the SSI videos. We've done three projects, plus plenty of homework. I think there is more to do after that, I just don't know what.

From what I've heard, the final exam for this class is brutal. A lot of the tests for scuba that I've taken so far (Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Stress & Rescue, Nitrox), have been fairly easy, with little study required. However, the DiveCon Course is inclusive of all of those classes, and we need to know everything in detail. All of the scientists, all of the various gas laws, table calculations with no mistakes, all of the various symptoms of various diving maladies (blue lips = hypoxia).

With all of this work left to do, we think we'll be certified by the middle to the end of the summer.

And then what? Well, we'll be both Assistant Instructors and DiveMasters. What that means is that we will be able to lead divers on dives and plan trips. We'll be working for our local dive shop in doing so. As assistant instructors, we'll be assisting mostly with Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver classes, helping out the instructors as they teach the course. In addition, we'll be able to teach Snorkeling and Scuba Skills Update classes all by ourselves. Pretty cool, huh? Sign on up for a course and we'll be there!

Image Credit: Todd Krebs (I know, Troll Hair. Can't be helped)


marathonmaiden said...

good luck! that's all so exciting and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool :)

Lacey said...

wow!!! that will be a lot of fun. very cool that you and todd are doing this together!! it sounds like a lot of work, but something you are really interested in.

also-- thanks for your review of run less run faster. i hadn't thought about "junk miles" really before, but it's true. it is a lot of pressure that every time you are out for a run it's supposed to be "quality." i think it works when you are doing "enjoyable leisure" activities as cross-training, but if you primarily jus tlike to run,... well ... junk miles are awesome! and not junk :)

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