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Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Ride

Lookie! I hit the trail today for my very first bike ride. This was a tad crazy because I ran 6.3 miles yesterday - and hills at that - and then ran again this morning (since Jeff Galloway was in town and it's always fun to run with him -- more on that later). Plus, I did upper body weights today, too. So, the bike ride was just more stuff. Todd was at the quarry doing an open water checkout, so I was free to go off and see what I could do. It was best for me to have some time alone with the bike, anyway, as I am embarrassed at my lack of skill. By the way, should I name her? Is it a she? Because, I think the bike might be male. But, then again, me saying I'm out riding [guy's name] sounds kind of dirty...

So, I went to the NCR Trail. I intended to head north, but there was this large family hanging out around the bathrooms and they would not leave. I felt to shy to get on right in front of them, since for all I knew I'd fall off immediately. So, I walked my bike across the road and headed south.

It went well. I practiced shifting quite a bit, since that is something I am totally new at doing. I didn't hit anything, and that is always a good thing. For once *I* was the one yelling "on your left!" and making runners move. It is easier to get on and off when I'm not wearing work clothes. Friday, I went to REI and bought a pair of biking capris. They worked well, and I am glad I had them. My butt isn't even really sore!

I rode down to Sparks, and figured I better turn around. That made for a total of 6 miles, and I had to admit, I was huffing and puffing at the end, trying to find the right gear to be in (I guess that takes practice - it's either too easy and I feel like peddling does nothing, or I feel like peddling makes me want to die it's so hard... I'm working on it). Since the seat is too low (because of my inability to get on and off), it was hurting my legs just a tad. I told Todd that I want to raise it up a little, but maybe not all the way to the point it's supposed to be.

So, in general, it felt good, and I am excited to get out and do it again. I've definitely never traveled from Monkton to Sparks so fast. :)

** Note: Todd told me the bike should be named Jake, since it's a Jake the Snake. I guess he's right. So, Jake it is?


onelittletrigirl said...

I was giddy with excitement the first time I got to say "on your left" to someone! :)

Lacey said...

lol. i think my bike is male, too... :)

hooray for a great first ride!

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