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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Like Riding a....

Oh boy. So, I bought a bike. I've been contemplating buying one for about 3 years, and every year, I come up with some reason (usually financial) why I shouldn't get one. And, finally, this year, I decided to take the leap.

First, let's talk about me and bikes. My first bike was a cute pink Huffy. I got it for Christmas, in the first grade or kindergarten or some time around that age. I was thrilled, and went out and biked all around, training wheels on. Then, my dad decided it was time to take the training wheels off. I didn't want to, but he insisted that I had to. He was sure I could do it. He took the training wheels off, and like he said, I could do it! I was so excited! I was on the bike and keeping it balanced all on my own! In my excitement, I looked down and watched my feet peddling. I failed to watch where I was going, hit the curb, and flew off the bike. I ended up with a really bad cut on my leg, and I refused to get on the bike again for at least 6 months, but I think it was closer to a year. That's when a girl named Carmen moved in down the street, asked me to ride bikes with her. I told her no, I don't know how. She was like, "of course you do, just get on and ride!" And I did. And I was fine from then on. (Bless that Carmen!)

The problem is, I never got a new bike. I rode the Huffy until my knees were hitting the handlebars. I was far too big for it when I stopped riding it. After that, I had a few yard sale bikes, and my sister's old bike, which had been hit by a car at one point. I never really rode a bike again past middle school, and even in middle school, it was pretty rare.

Oh, I went to spin class in 2006 when I had to go 6-8 weeks with no running because I had a stress fracture. Other than that, my adult experiences riding a bike have been a brief ride on a rented bike from Monkton on the NCR trail (I would have laughed had I known I'd one day run there) in maybe 2002, and biking around on old bikes on Little Cayman.

But, everyone says "It's just like riding a bike!" It should be fine, right? I really wanted one, I was so jealous of the bikes on the trail on my run on Saturday...

So, I met Dannielle at Race Pace tonight. I had forgotten to pack other clothes and shoes, so I was still wearing work clothes. I tested out some bikes. I fell off. I fell off. I am having trouble getting on and off of the bike. What I was most afraid of - shifting - turned out to be not a big deal. But, I want to be on the seat when I start, but I can't and it's so much different than I anticipated.

Here's what I got:

It's a Kona Jake the Snake. It's a cyclocross bike (as opposed to a hybrid), which will allow me to ride on roads or on trails. However, it has the handlebars that are similar to a road bike, which will be more comfortable for long rides. It's lighter than a hybrid, and the wheels can be switched out to allow for road bike wheels instead. It's bad ass. I mean, bad ass. I've got a computer on it, and water bottles and all kinds of goodies.

And I'm TERRIFIED. I feel just like I felt with the Huffy after I fell off of it. It's out in the car and I need to go get it. It scares me. What if I fell off? What if I can't get on and off safely? What if I don't get used to it?

Oh, and the clipless thing. I did not get clipless pedals, which is a no brainer since I can't seem to get on and off with regular pedals. I had this cocky idea that I'd start with clipless so that I could learn everything all at once. OH, LOL on that. No way, man!

And I don't see any triathlons in my future.


marathonmaiden said...

nice bike! i haven't upgraded since my huffy yet (mine was purple). i really want a nice spiffy bike like yours but i don't think i'd use it enough to justify buying one. haha. enjoy it :)

onelittletrigirl said...

OMG this is JUST like me! I even wrote a post last year with the exact same title (you can go to my category bikes and read it if you want). I am so weak on the bike and still learning. I bough tmy first "real" bike last year!

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