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Monday, March 29, 2010

MBE: Blogging

Since TIART seems to have gone away, there's a new one: Monday Brain Exchange, sponsored by Jill, who blogs at Finishing Is Winning. So, let's get started on the first week!

Question: What/Who influenced you to start a blog? Where did you get your blog title? How long have you been blogging?

You know, it's hard to even remember who influenced me. I think that my college friend, Brendan, was the first blog that I really read. I'm not even sure why I started, besides the fact that I really enjoy talking about myself. When I first started blogging in November of 2004, I didn't have a really good idea of what I wanted to blog about. I talked mostly about myself and what I did each day. The things I used to blog about were far too personal, and I ended up moving my old blog over to my private blog in early 2007. I've ported a few older posts over.

As time has passed, I've gotten more focused in what I write about, keeping it to mostly scuba diving and running, as well as some posts on cooking and gardening. So, the hobbies that I enjoy are the ones that I write about. I keep the personal stuff to the personal blog and I've developed a couple of rules that I try to stick to:

First off, I try to avoid political commentary, with the exception of some discussion of animal rights and saving the world's oceans -- and occasionally global warming. Even then, I try to keep it nice and fair. I always feel like no one cares about some of that stuff except me, and people need to know that you really shouldn't eat Grouper, for example (or Orange Roughy, or Chilean Sea Bass). I've been challenged with the health care debate, since I really do have some strong opinions on that front, but I've kept my mouth shut (at least on the blog).

Second, I don't announce other people's news. If so and so has a baby, then so and so should be talking about that on her blog. If someone gets engaged, then they should be discussing it, it is not my business to post about it (note: I have not always followed this advice, I started in about 2007). If I do post about someones baby or wedding or something, it is in the context of me and how I was involved, because this is my blog and this blog is about what I do. I don't know, it just seems wrong to post other people's business here.

Third, I try to keep photos of my friends and family mostly on my private blog, unless it's specifically related to running, racing or scuba diving. And I try to bear in mind other people's preferences about posting their photo or name online.

Let's see, the blog title. At first, my blog was called Deep and Slightly Random Thoughts, and that was just because I needed a name and that's what I thought of. In about 2008, I changed it to Somewhere in the Sun, which is a title of a Kenny Chesney song. The things I do, love and write about usually take place with a fair amount of sunshine (or are better with added sunshine!).

Also, I should mention: If you like reading my blog and would like to follow me on facebook, please do so by going here and joining the group.


Lacey said...

hooray for the new tiart. MBE woo woo. hehe. i forgot to do this today actually- oops. i will ahve to rejoin next mon. mondays are hard cuz it's first thing of the week and i usually do my weekend recap. hmmm. maybe i will do it a day late or something.

anywho.. i have like one "real" friend who has a blog!!! it sort of surprises me i don't know more people in my real life who blog. everyone should have one:) but the whole "sharing" thing is tricky and personal info, too.

marathonmaiden said...

i completely agree with sharing other people's news. even if i find out something i try to let the other person share it. sometimes i do mention the idea in the abstract but don't give out the details. i agree with lacey that it's tricky figuring out how much to to much to share

onelittletrigirl said...

Yeah!!! I think you are my first participant!!! Thanks for playing :)

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