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Monday, March 15, 2010

STS Check-in Week 8

It's been 8 weeks since I started Cathe's STS 6-Month Rotation. Things are going well. I feel stronger and better, like I am really getting a workout.

The past 4 weeks have been a little bit more chaotic than the first four. With the blizzards, etc, I totally started having trouble with my sleep schedule and it became more and more difficult to get up early. I still manage to do it most of the time, but there have been several workouts now that I've had to do in the evenings. The last two weeks, Todd has been out late on Tuesdays for his open water observation for DiveCon Certification. I've waited up for him both weeks, staying up until 1 or 2am, and it's meant that I can't get up to do my STS Upper Body workout on Wednesday morning. This past week, I didn't do the Wednesday workout until Saturday, since Wednesday evening I was at DiveCon class myself. Last week was just a crazy week, in general.

I'm not going to post a chart, just because I am lazy and also because my weight has been pretty unexciting for the last four weeks. From an average weight perspective, I've lost a tenth of a pound, and from an actual weight prospective, I've lost two tenths. Not particularly exciting. What is interesting is that right around four or five weeks ago was when I started taking my thyroid medication. When I picked up the meds, it had stickers all over it, as well as multiple notes with it stating "This is not a weight loss medication!" and "Do not take this for weight loss!" Ha. I was losing weight up until I started taking it. Regardless, weight loss isn't really my true goal, just a nice to have, so I'm not overly concerned. I'm still watching my calorie intake, and doing what I need to do, but if no more weight loss comes, that is fine.

I have lost inches, though. Since my last measurements four weeks ago, I've lost about half an inch almost everywhere, making it a total body loss of somewhere around 5 inches in 8 weeks. I don't think that's too shabby.

What's Next?
With 8 weeks down, I have at long last reached the end of mesocycle one. This week, I'm taking a week off from weight training, and instead I am trying out some more of the STS Shock Cardio Series. This morning, I did "MMA: Kickbox," which was actually pretty fun. I don't usually go for Kickbox videos, but I admit I had a good time with this and the time flew by. It may even be simple enough with the choreography that Todd will give it a try.

Once I'm done with my "active recovery" week, I head into eight weeks of mesocycle two, which is all about Hypertrophy. Read more about my experience with mesocycle 2 here, on my writeup of STS Week 6 from last year when I was doing the 3-month rotation.

The best part of mesocycle 2? The fact that legs will move from Fridays to Wednesdays, meaning that I will no longer be doing legs the day before my long run. Since I am hitting 12 miles this weekend, the extra time off will be welcome.


Lacey said...

good for you for handling the craziness. you are still getting workouts in and tracking your progress- and making progress!! that is awesome. congrats :)


Thanks so much for your comment. I am definitely going to check out those resources.

And I am sure that when you have kids you are not going to screw them up!

Jolene said...

I love STS and am totally a Cathelete ;-) I didn't love the 6-month rotation, it felt a little monotonous to me. Just finished an undulating rotation and loved the variety!!

Kim said...

Jolene, totally with you. I'm doing ok thus far because mesocycle 1 is so interesting just in general. That being said, with the 3 month rotation, I started feeling like mesocycle 3 was too monotonous... So, with it being twice as long, it might be a dealbreaker. We'll see.

Jolene said...

Yea, meso 3 is always the most mononotus for me too, I love meso 1 and 2 though!! good luck!

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