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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walt Disney Marathon 2010 Photos

I really hesitated on buying these, mostly because my race photos always suck, but then they're just so expensive. I thought I'd wait for a sale, but I wasn't ready to purchase them when they went on sale for Valentines Day because I was determined to search through the entire 18,000 photo Lost and Found collection, and I wasn't done yet. I got tired of waiting, so here are some photos from my race.

The starting line, looking awfully cold. When this was going on, Misty and I were still away from the start, trying to get down there.

My favorite photo from the race, this is about mile 11, coming through the Magic Kingdom (about to pass through the Castle, where I didn't get a photo because of stupid people that LINE UP THERE and take up the photographer's time so that photographers aren't taking photos of people who are ACTUALLY RUNNING and can't stop for the line because they actually give a crap about their finish time) Anyway, I like this photo a lot.

I think this is at about the half point, and my body guard with the funny hat had just joined me.

Animal Kingdom, about mile 18

Also in Animal Kingdom, I LOVE my funny-hatted bodyguard following me in this one.

About Mile 20, I was done with caring about the Photographers.

Hollywood Studios. The chick just behind me had a broken watch and was running off of our intervals.

Coming down the final stretch towards the finish.

Another one of the final stretch:

Finish line (final time was 5:52)

Yay, a medal! (and some seriously messy hair - it was windy and I got ready at 3am.)


Lacey said...

really really great photos! across the board!!! you got a ton, too!!!! i hate when i just get one or two i feel unloved :) and am way less likely to find one i like.

Kim said...

I have a couple races where honestly I only wanted ONE photo, but to pay $70 for ONE photo is ridiculous.

novajen said...

Awesome pictures!

Laura said...

I still have never bought the photos because they are just SO expensive! Besides, like you, there's usually only one photo I want anyway, not the whole set. I'm content to just steal the thumbnails with the logo on them - you can't frame them or anything, but they're good enough to jog my memory.

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