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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Ride

I went out on my bike again last evening. I had brought it to work so that I could hit the NCR Trail after work, but I left my helmet at home. So, I went ahead home after work to do the ride. It went well. Todd had raised the seat an inch and a half, which worried me, but I decided to try it. I had a little trouble at first, especially since I was starting on an uphill, but I managed it and it went ok.

My front gear is stuck on the biggest cog. I talked to friend Dannielle, and she says it needs an adjustment. We'll see. Anyway, since the gear was stuck, I couldn't shift into the gears I needed to shift into for the horrible Manchester hills. So, I actually had to get off and rest a couple of times. I was embarrassed.

What I've learned is that riding around my house is BORING and HILLY. I've also learned that I forget to stay on the right side of the road - since I have run these roads so many times, I kept forgetting I was on a bike and turned a corner to end up on the left side of the road into traffic. I never thought that would be difficult, but it is. I just keep forgetting.

Anyway, the bike didn't seem to aggravate my toe issue. The toe is somewhat better (at least less swollen), but I also took pain killers this morning (just tylenol). I'm holding off on the podiatrist appointment for now, for no other reason than I'm just not in the mood to go to the podiatrist.

Also, meet Micki - she's an online friend and she just reposted my very favorite blog post that she's ever written. I wanted to link to it when I bought the bike, but couldn't find it. Here it is!

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