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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools?

I was trying to think of something rather foolish to put into an April Fools Day post this year. However, I wasn't really able to think of anything. I got engaged and married last year. The pregnancy thing has been done (and besides, who knows if it will happen for real sometime soon anyway. Yeah, you read that right). I thought about a good old fashioned Rick Roll, but I guess that is very 2006. What in the world is there to be foolish about?

Sigh. What a crappy April Fools Day Post.


Lacey said...

i totally forgot about april fools!!! thank goodness i read this now i can be READY!!! happy april :)

Misty said...

Put your PJs on inside out. Chant the following "baby, baby, baby" ... hold Tedd's hand and will come true :-)

Kim said...

OMG, Misty. I'm not WANTING it. I've got a trip to Indonesia coming up.

Wacky Neighbor said...

Misty - Are you sure that isn't what you do for snow?!?!

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