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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MBE: Favorite Races

Since TIART seems to have gone away, there's a new one: Monday Brain Exchange, sponsored by Jill, who blogs at Finishing Is Winning. I am a day late, but better late than never (Jill, maybe announce the question in advance so we can queue up the posts?)

Question: Name your top 3 favorite events to date. When were they and why are they your favorite?

This is tough because I have loved so many races. Let's see:

Philadelphia Distance Run 2009: Everything was perfect about this race. The weather was awesome (sunny, but cool, not cold). The course was flat and pretty - it went through some of downtown Philly, past some historical sites, and then all along the riverfront. There was even something appealing about the bright orange ING race shirt. Of course, it helped that I set a PR. Good race, good times.

Frederick Half Marathon 2008 and 2009: I couldn't decide which year was better, so I chose them both. 2008 was actually my first half marathon ever (despite the fact that I'd run 4 full marathons at that point). The weather was cool and sunny. I ran it alone, but felt great and met my goal. 2009 was rainy, but I ran with Dannielle and had a great time. I PR'd at both races, and really loved the course and the race. It was slightly hilly - rolling hills. It first past through Frederick Downtown, then through residential streets packed with homes full of blooming spring flowers (azaleas and lilacs), and then through a bit of industrial into cow pastures for the final few miles. A great race, which I highly recommend.

Walt Disney World Marathon 2007 and 2010: Yeah, yeah, I realize I ran this one in 2008 as well, but I can't very well say anything that great about the 2008 race. I love the Disney marathon, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Disney races in general. 2007 was hot and sunny, but it was my first Disney race, and I was so happy to have my sister and her family out with signs supporting us. I was also thrilled to be running with Todd. Being out for 6+ hours in 85 degree heat is not laughing matter, and just finishing was terrific, but I also finished only one minute slower than my previous time at Marine Corps.

As for 2010, well, it's my marathon PR. It was finally a cool race (ok, a cold one) for the marathon. It was so freaking awesome to have run the whole way, never stopping to walk it in. The Galloway method works, I tell ya!

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Kitzzy said...

I volunteered at Disney in 2009 and 2010. 2010 was brutal cold. I thought my toes and fingers were going to fall off LOL I haven't run any of their big races, but I was not impressed with their 5Ks -- the Race for the Taste 10K was ok -- so I'm not inclined to spend that much on their bigger races. However, someday I'll get over it and do Goofy, get all the medals in one shot, and never do it again lol

onelittletrigirl said...

PDR was awesome!!!

Good suggestion, and I thought about that...but for now, I going to continue to post on have all week to respond; many people did it all through the week last week. So no worries!

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