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Monday, April 5, 2010


My family spends every Easter in Walt Disney World, and Todd and I try to be down there with them every other year. This was an "on" year, so we were flew down to Florida on Wednesday evening. Since Todd's family lives in Florida, it allowed us to also spend a couple days with them, too. So, we had a busy weekend between Walt Disney World and my family, and Easter with his family.

The sad and sucky part is that I left my cell phone on the plane on the way down. It was irritating being in Disney unable to call my family to meet up with them, and now that I'm back at work, I feel lost without it. I'm still in limbo, trying to figure out if Southwest will find it, and then if not, what we should do (should I get a new phone? Should I just reactivate my old one that I liked better anyway?). I've got some photos to post and some more interesting things to talk about, and some of it will go up on the private blog, so look for another post later on with some more details.

Happy Monday!


onelittletrigirl said...

Isn't it funny how lost we can be without our cell phones after having grown up never having them. I hate not having mine!

Lacey said...

happy easter!!!! (a day late :) ). florida must be nice!!!! my family doesn't really travel very far, we just congregate at the fam house. :)

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