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Monday, April 12, 2010


The toe is doing better. At this point, it doesn't hurt anymore at all, but I'm still nervous about it and I make up pain in my head, I think. I'm terrified of wearing anything with even a little heel, and I'm just trying to keep myself together.

On Saturday, I ran my last long run before my half marathon. I can't believe I am already back to having a major race to run. I did 14 miles, and my calf on the leg where my toe was hurting was sore, but it did ok. I felt sluggish and not that great for the majority of the run, but at least we had beautiful weather and the leaves are really starting to be out on the trees.

Todd preferred to do his run on Sunday, so while he was on the trail, I met Misty for a bike ride. Misty's husband is an avid cyclist, so Misty was giving me a bunch of pointers on riding. More than anything, she took my mind off of the ride, so that I was thinking about talking and relaxing rather than freaking out because someone was walking a dog near me. I was a lot more confident, and I wasn't really all that nervous. I was even better at getting on and off. I was not, however, brave enough to ride through the gates on the trail and therefore made Misty stop and wait while I walked through each of the intersections.

I'm still weight training as well, although I'm behind in my STS Rotation from our trip to Florida. I must admit, it is more difficult to get down into the basement when the weather is pretty. I'm trying to loosen up about it and just go with the flow, doing what I can and getting it done when it works for me. I've had a lot of other things going on, too, so you know.

I'm coming up on the last bit of our DiveCon course as well, and I'm expecting that we'll be totally done by Memorial Day! It will be a relief when it's finally finished, although I'm not looking forward to my cold May quarry days. Pray for hot weather that weekend!


marathonmaiden said...

taper taper taper. i'm doing it too. kind of sucks but you'll be soooo ready to kick major booty!

glad you had a good ride with your friend. having a buddy always makes things so much better :)

Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go on the 14 miles :) You sound like you are doing awesome!! I hope the pain goes away!

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