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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I don't usually participate in this, but today for once I actually have three things!

  1. Todd and I just sat and counted bruises. The worst one is apparently on the back of my leg... I can't see it though. The ribs are hurting quite a bit, but it's all good.
  2. I ran tonight, one mile. It was about as far as I could make it. The toe is actually doing great, but that leg is hurting on the outside of my calf, which I think is caused by the limp I've had for three days. It needs some ice and maybe some rest. I did manage to do lower body weights, including lunges (which I was worried about), but I skipped the calf raises because of the toe issue and the leg pain.
  3. I never really talked about my trip to Florida over the weekend, and I guess there's not a lot to add. Going down, I left my cell phone on the plane (it fell out of my pocket and I guess between the seats) and never got it back. I finally re-activated my old phone today, after having over a week with no cell phone (I didn't miss it that much, actually). I needed one for my long run, though. Disney also lost our luggage. They put it in the wrong room after the Magical Express, but they found it within an hour and got it to us. Thank goodness, my one and only running skirt was in there! WDW was great, as usual, and then we spent Saturday and Sunday with Todd's family for Easter. Todd's parents live in the Ocala area and his brother lives in St. Cloud. I introduced them to Geocaching and they all really liked it (well, his parents have done it before, thanks to me).
Here's a photo from Disney. We were at Ohana in the Polynesian resort, having dinner with my family. It was tons of fun and we were not exactly sober...


Lacey Nicole said...

that's a really cute picture of you!

and glad you got in a mile run!!! hopefully your toe continues to cooperate.

eeek= bruises. tho i love 'em. "trophies" :)

onelittletrigirl said...

Ouch I hope you feel better soon!

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