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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

This post was originally only one thing, but I've changed it. I don't know how that affects my RSS feeds, so sorry if you get a partial repost or no post at all...

I'm starting to get better with the three things Thursdays! Also, checkout the giveaway at Racing with Babes!

  1. I went for another ride on the bike last night. It's not bothering my rib injury to ride the bike, which is excellent. I was feeling a lot more confident after my ride with Misty on Sunday. I wasn't worried at all about passing people or being passed, even when the 6 year old on the bike went right in front of me. I even went through a couple of gates (although not all of them).
  2. My doctor's PA just called to let me know that my thyroid is normal, and that I have been medically cleared to be a Divecon! This is great news! Because it was the PA and not the actual doc, I didn't mention my ribs, so now I need to decide if I am going to make an appointment to go in for the rib bruise. Half marathon is in 9 days.
  3. According to Jill, today is blogger adoption day. This is news to me, but I thought I'd talk about my own adoption stories! I'm not adopted, and neither is my husband, Todd. However, both of us have ONLY adopted siblings. BOTH of us! It's very strange.

    On my family's side, my parents tried to have children and were unsuccessful, so they adopted my brother. My mom had always wanted twin girls and a boy, and Bo was part of that. She did get pregnant after that, and carried the baby to full term, but it was stillborn baby girl. This was devastating to her. Within a couple of years, though, she was able to adopt my two sisters, who are twins and she had her twin girls and a boy! Can you imagine, though, two infants and a three year old at the same time? Yikes! So, they assumed that was it. And then, ten years later, I came along as a surprise! Surprise!!!

    It was much the same on Todd's side, he has an older brother and an older sister, although the difference in age is much smaller than it is between my siblings and me. We keep saying that if we have a child, it will be a miracle child (or, as Todd says, "it will have horns."). Could be.

    Me and my sisters:

1 comment:

onelittletrigirl said...

I did not know it was blogger adoption day either; I think it is a new thing...they have it on that site I posted about yesterday. I think it is because of the whole mess actually. But I like the idea of people having the opportunity to tell their stories. Yours and your husbands is very cool!

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