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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rock Your Socks 10K

This weekend, I'm going to be doing 2 days of scuba diving.  I will pretty much be living and breathing scuba diving.  That means that there will be no time for running.  I was sad about it, since it's only week 3 of our Galloway program and this weekend my group is to be finalized.  However, I've left them in good hands with my co-leader, Sue.  So, they'll be fine without me.

Since I knew I was missing this week, when Racing with Babes announced a virtual 10K and Half Marathon this weekend, I decided to take her up on it.  I won't be doing my usual summer 10K at Race for Our Kids (since it was rescheduled for September), so I was needing a 10K race to do.  This is likely my only 10K race for 2010.

Here is the website for the race.

WHEN: Friday, May 21, Saturday May 22, or Sunday, May 23
DISTANCE: 10K or Half Marathon
COST: FREE - But I will take donations to the sock collection ...
WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: On the weekend of May 21-23, pick your course, ROCK YOUR SOCKS and run your race! When you are done email me the pictures, a link to your race report and your finish time.
WHAT WILL YOU GET?: Every participant will be linked on the Rock Your Socks Half Marathon and 10K Recap. The Fastest 10k, Fastest Half Marathon and one randomly selected winner will each win one tube of Nuun and two Gu.
And one racer will be awarded with "Best Use of Socks" (at my discretion) and will win a Bondi Band.
Well, I don't have interesting socks, just regular old Bolega socks.  Oh well.  I decided to just go with the cutest outfit I could manage, so I wore my Minnie Mouse running skirt, the only running skirt that I own.  I put the whole Minnie outfit together, but I didn't go so far as to wear the ears....

Hopefully this weekend I'll get some sun on those legs.

I met my friend Misty at the NCR Trail, she wasn't going to run race pace, but she was going to be on the trail for moral support.  Here we are, ready to run, and me looking kinda goofy.

My co-worker walked by when I had that up on my screen and said "KLETCO, you look happy there!"  Yes, my co-workers call me KLETCO.

So, off I went.  I don't have a running GPS watch (a Garmin or whatever), but I have a Garmin hiking GPS that I use for Geocaching.  I learned that it works just as well as a Garmin watch for running, but with less features and it's slightly bulky.  I carried it in my Spibelt.

I can't say all that much about the run itself.  I'm used to taking it easy on the trail, so it was weird to be going at full race pace.  It was also more difficult to keep up with race pace when there were no spectators or other runners (running with me anyway).  I went until my GPS read that I'd gone 3.1 miles and turned it around.  Misty had gone to the 3 mile marker (about the 2.5 point for me) and turned around.  She was waiting for me just north of the bridge at the 1 mile marker on my way back and ran it in with me all the way until the end.

So, how did I do?  Well, I was going for a 10K PR.  The entire time I was running I was thinking that this was silly because I won't win the race (there are tons of faster people running this race this weekend), and the race stats won't be official since it's a virtual race.  However, I wanted to beat my 10K PR because it was set at Race for Our Kids in 2006, and Race for Our Kids is a hilly, hilly, hilly race, and I still can't figure out how I achieved that time.  My best guess is that I just didn't know any better, since that was my first year of training.

So, my Race for Our Kids 2006 time was 1:14:10.  Today, I ran in 1:13:58.  I PR'd... Just barely, on a much easier course.  I'm still amazed by my 2006 time.

And so, a big thank you to Racing with Babes for giving me something to shoot for this weekend!  And a big thank you to Misty for going out of her way to meet me at the trail at 7am on a Friday!  Great run, and to top it off, there's a party at work today and then 2 days of scuba diving.  I think I've got a great weekend ahead.


Staci Dombroski said...

Way to go on your run :)

Kovas Palubinskas said...

So 11.5 years ago, my fiancee and I got scuba certified, got married, and honeymooned in the Bay Island of Honduras, where we scuba dived and started our lives together. My wife and I have not scuba dived since! I miss it and envy your 2 days. :)

Kitzzy said...

Congrats on the new PR. That's an adorable outfit! I'm really starting to embrace the running skirts; I just wish they weren't so pricey.

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