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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

STS Check in - Week 13

My last check in for STS was for Week 8 on March 15, and now I'm saying week 13. If you count that, you'll notice that it's been more than 5 weeks since my last check in. However, I had to take some time off and then start up again. I decided to not count the weeks that I was off.

The problem was my rib injury. I fell off of my bike and injured my ribs, and as it turns out, bruised ribs make it absolutely impossible to pick up something heavy without doing more damage. And, well, weight lifting and STS are all about lifting heavy things. That's kind of the point. So, I had to stop in order to not further injure myself so I could keep running.

As of last week, I'm back at it, and I'm officially halfway through mesocycle 2, which is hypertrophy. You can read more about mesocycle 2 where I talk about it last time I did the program. Besides the injury, things are going well. I was thrown off of my schedule when I went to Florida for Easter, so it was almost good that I took the time off so that I could get back where I needed to be. It's hard to commit to all of this stuff while still trying to work and have a life. I almost wish that I lived on the Biggest Loser Ranch so that I could do nothing but exercise all day.

There's not a lot of other things to say about the program. It was initially supposed to be over in mid-July, but with my extra time, I've now pushed it into the first week of August. No worries.

As far as results go, I haven't taken measurements again, but I have seen the scale move somewhat:
That's my weight loss graph since I started the STS system in January. You can see I struggled a bit in March, but I've been back on it again in April, and things have been better. Taking a rolling average weight, I've lost 3.59 pounds since I started STS, and 5.02 pounds since January 1. Taking actual scale weight, I've lost 5.2 pounds since I started STS, and 7.4 pounds since January 1. I like the rolling average better (the curvy black line in the graph above) because I think it shows a more true representation of what I actually weigh. The green & red dots show my actual weight on any given day.

Honestly, if we're just talking weight loss, I think the cycling has really helped. It has given me some extra cardio that I can do, and I'm trying to fit it in when I can. I don't know when I'll get out on the bike this week, though. It may not be until Sunday, as I am booked pretty solid.

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