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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three Things Tuesday

  1. This weekend was Todd's Incredible Birthday Weekend! We couldn't decide if we wanted to go out or stay in for his Birthday, so we ended up doing both. Friday night, we went to happy hour with some scuba diving friends and then had a lovely dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion in Baltimore. It was fantastic. If you haven't been to Roy's, you must try it. Since it was Todd's birthday, they decorated the table and took a photo of us at the end of the meal. And they wrote "Happy Birthday, Todd" on his dessert plate. In other words, the perfect amount of birthday attention.
    Saturday, we had dinner in, with delicious salmon and I made a Key Lime Pie (recipe here).
  2. Scuba continues. I had my second week of class observation last week, and my students are fairing quite well. This week, I have a stress and rescue class and I'll miss my usual observation class, and then we're also doing CPR/First Aid. We have a family obligation as well, so it's a busy week.
  3. Our first week for our Galloway training group was Saturday! It was nice to meet some new faces, and several alumni joined who had been away for a while. It was so nice to see them again!! There was some confusion about what intervals and pace my group will be doing, but I am hoping that it will all be worked out after our Miracle Mile week this Saturday. We shall see.

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marathonmaiden said...

sounds like things are going well in your life right now! that birthday weekend does sound pretty perfect.

and yay for training starting up! so exciting

Trish said...

Key Lime Pie... yummmmm!

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