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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Losing It!

The time is come.  I need to have a serious conversation about Jillian Michaels.  Jill discussed Jillian on her blog a while back, and now I just need to chime in.

I'm a huge fan of The Biggest Loser.  I like it, and I choose to overlook the unrealistic weight loss part of the show.  I'm even a fan of Jillian Michaels.  I have always thought she was great, from a "tough chick" perspective.  I cheered on the season where she returned after being away.  While I never wrote a blog post about it (I wanted to, I just never got to it), I totally supported Jillian in her decision to not have children.  However, Losing It! is just a train wreck.  I will probably keep watching, because it's summer and there isn't anything else on, but come on, Jillian.  My problems with the show...

First, when I watch The Biggest Loser, I get invested in the people on the show.  I learn about them.  We spend whole episodes looking at each person, what their issues are, and we get to watch their slow transformation into a different person.  This is a good thing.  On Losing It!, Jillian whisks in, and all of these little nuances that we see on TBL over the course of weeks all happen in 60 minutes.  It's too much.  I don't care that much.

I just need the build up to be longer.  I need to really feel like I have watched a clear progression from "falling off of the treadmill and vomiting" to "running a marathon" or whatever (and yes, I know there are problems with the marathon on TBL, but since I missed the marathon episode this season, I need to write about it next time).

To make matters worse, when Jillian is sitting there learning about their issues and their alleged reasons for being fat, since I don't care, I have a hard time imagining that she cares.  So, her serious looks and hugs and such seem contrived.  She is a hard-ass.  I can't watch her try and put on a "soft side" every week for 5 minutes in a show where the other 55 minutes were spent yelling at people.  I tried to find a clip, but I couldn't find one and gave up.

Then, there is the yelling.  Oh, the yelling.  Now, apparently this works for some people.  There are evidently these people that can't workout without someone yelling at them and telling them they're not good enough or whatever.  I am not one of those people.  I can handle a little Jillian-style working out, and I like it when Todd occasionally yells at me to motivate me (note: he does this infrequently), but this appears to be the only thing that Jillian keeps in her arsenal.  What if there is someone who isn't motivated by this?  I guess they wouldn't want to be on the show?  Why is she so mean??  See a clip.

Regardless, the yelling is turning me off.  I don't mind it on TBL because there is Bob.  Losing It! needs a Bob.  Bob is good cop, Jillian is bad cop.  There is no good cop, and I just can't sit and watch Bad Cop every single week.  It's gotten old already, and only 2 episodes have aired.

When Jillian tries to be more motivational, she comes up with all of these little things that she says that sound ironic or sarcastic or something.  She is trying to sound off the cuff, but I feel more like she's brainstorming these sayings in advance and just shelling them out when appropriate.  Like, she might have flash cards somewhere so that she can practice what to say when someone says 'X.'  For example, on episode 2, mom says "I'm scared"  Jillian asked, "Of what?"  Mom responds, "Of dying."  Jillian's quip?  "Of dying?  You're already dying you've got that covered!"  It's clever, but seems rehearsed.

I'm just not buying it, I'm just not liking it, and I'm just not that into Jillian anymore.


marathonmaiden said...

i've never really been into jillian. i saw her on regis this morning and i was like "ugh you suck" hahah! glad i'm not the only one as i feel like everyone adores her!

onelittletrigirl said...

I think Jillian got a little big for herself. I liked her better when she was true to who she was.

This was really well written by the way!

Lacey Nicole said...

i hate the show. i really tried to like it and they were even in the boston area but i could just not connect!! i also hate the yelling. and it's too much jillian. she is seriously bipolar. yelling/screaming jillian and then whispery psychoanalyzing jillian. so disappointed. at least the new season of top chef has begun!

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