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Monday, June 21, 2010

MBE: Family Athletics

Monday Brain Exchange is sponsored by Jill, who blogs at Finishing Is Winning.

Topic: The athletic family

Question: Do you come from an athletic family? Are your parents/siblings/spouses/children also involved in your sport(s)?

As far as my parents/siblings go, no. Not even a little bit. Well, maybe a little bit.  Neither of my parents are particularly athletic.  My mom was a majorette in high school, and I'm not sure if my dad was involved in sports or not.  Regardless, I grew up in a household where we didn't watch professional sports EVER (except maybe the Superbowl if someone was having a party) and we really didn't care about sports even a little.

As for my siblings, one of my sisters was a dancer and baton twirler.  When she was in high school, she was the captain of her Pom pon squad.  That was pretty cool.  The other sister was on the swim team and also played tennis and racquetball  My brother was on a soccer team as a kid, but it never really went anywhere.  So, I guess my sisters were the athletic ones in the family, but neither of them ever ran.

I was on the dancing track with my dancer sister.  Looking back, I do appreciate the dance classes, but I would really have preferred to have followed the other sister and been on the swim team.  I'm making up for all of that now, I guess, and I can also dance.  Kind of.  I wasn't particularly good at dancing, and I hated wearing leotards, and I hated the fact that my dance teacher always put me in the back (which meant I was either too fat or to crappy at dancing to be in the front row.  I always assumed it was the fatness, as I wanted to believe I was good at dancing or else why was I even bothering?).

Now, about that spouse of mine.  He comes from a much more athletic family, where they cheer for the Orioles and the Ravens and watch sports and participate in sports.  Todd was on the lacrosse team in high school, as was his brother.  They still watch lacrosse occasionally, which bores me to tears (I actually despise lacrosse, but it's a big deal here in Maryland).  Todd doesn't actually enjoy watching sports, which is fine with me.  I'm a much happier person since ditching sports as something that I'm forced to watch on television.

Since I've become a runner, my family has been involved somewhat.  My sister (the dancing one) has been super-supportive, even taking up running and running two 5Ks with me in Florida (where she lives).  My entire family came down to see me run my first Marine Corps Marathon, and my mom and brother came out for the second one that I ran.  My mom also came down to see me run the Annapolis Ten Miler.  I'm no longer requiring my family to come out to my races, but I do appreciate them being there.

Todd, of course, is very involved in my running, since he's a runner also and has run many races with me, and if he wasn't running with me, most of the time he's running the same race at his own pace.  He's currently signed up for all of the races that I'm signed up for this year, except the 5K I'm running in July.


Kathryn said...

Not sure where I got the link to your blog, but I am enjoying it! I am also a Java programmer.. it's unusual (for me anyhow) to find another female in this profession!

Anyhow, my family is totally not into sports either, and also sent me through dance (fail!). I never played sports in high school either.

Somehow, I got the crazy gene, and have been a huge spectator ice hockey fan since 7th grade, and learned to play 6 yrs ago, at age 28. I just took up running this year.

It's way cool that your husband is into running too. Mine thinks I am nuts.

marathonmaiden said...

my parents totally pushed me into sports. my dad was a really big athlete when he was younger and i think he wanted us to "continue the legacy" and whatnot. oh well. not that he exercises now *eyeroll*. my sibs are either really athletic or don't care at all. no in-betweeners.

definitely awesome that your husband runs too!

onelittletrigirl said...

My parents/family are all great supports- I think whether they are athletic enough, the support is awesome!

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