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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Intro to Speed Work

I've been so busy lately!  So, here is finally an update from this past weekend.  Saturday was my Galloway Training Group's first track workout of the year.  I had asked about how to make Speed Work fun, and there were some great ideas!

I ended up doing our planned track work, which was 800 meter repeats.  As far as how Jeff Galloway recommends, this is how they're done (and how we did it).

First, we did one mile (4 laps) of warm up at a slow pace, and using our regular intervals of 1:30 & 1s.
Next, I had gotten everyone's Galloway Magic Mile time, and I calculated what their half marathon goal should be using Jeff Galloway's Race Predictor.  I split our group into buddies using these values.  So, everyone was paired with someone who would be running repeats at a similar pace.  This is because race goal times for my group run from 2:30 all the way up to 3:00, so someone would either not be getting a good workout or would be killing themselves if we all ran together.  It shows when your group leader is a scuba diver - forcing the buddy system on the group...

So, the teams went out and hit the track.  The buddies were to pace each other and make sure that they stayed within their target pace, and no faster or slower.  We did take walk breaks during the repeats, but only walked 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds.  Different buddy teams had different intervals to follow.  After 800 meters (2 laps), we walked a lap to recover and then started again, until we'd done 4 total sets.

I think it went well.  I had grand plans of bringing music and being all happy and such, but I got busy and it just didn't happen.  Maybe next time.  I really want my group to see some progress this year, and I really want them to enjoy it and be proud of themselves when they're done.  Here's hoping!

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1 comment:

Katye said...

you should run BWC this year! Still plenty of time to sign up =) I can pick up your packet for you at work ; )

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